Taxing Love

Squabbles all. Tears too, So is love between these two; Wish I’d tell ’em ”shoo!” Like cows wont to moo. Heartbreaks! How sad! Relationships are mad! Tossing around in mud- Why live life so hard? Hark! Love! Jubilant! Jesus taught un-blunt- Why then slant? Instead of staying galant? Sweet, smooth love, HOW merry as a […]

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Hark! The Poor Song

The heart all torn, Sorrow therein borne- Why all this scorn? For Nairobi’s poor born?   3am, children not asleep? How do you not weep? When will rescue seep? Don’t we need a tip?   3am? They should be enfolded- Warm, fed and adequately boarded. Poor souls not corded.   Capitalism? Politics? Governance? Which is […]

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Nairobi: A Dirge

Tinkling of glasses, Amongst the upper classes; Scanty clad lasses- Scavengers and buses.   Nairobi heart wrenching, Poverty clear and munching- When will le bell a-ching? To wake us from sorry bitching?   Sorrow. Dread. Contrast. No white mast- Change we must! O’wise Nairobi’ll bust.

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