Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2015  

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. New strategies are developed, new trends discussed and new updates released. Therefore, this is something that will always be on the evolutionary path. For instance, in 2014, there were 13 updates to Google’s algorithm. These were just the more public and notable updates – behind the scenes, there were even more changes and refreshes.

Consequently, you need to adjust your SEO strategies every so often to keep up with the dynamic nature of search engine optimization. The following SEO tips and tricks will help you update your website and adjust your blogging efforts to keep abreast with the latest 2015 trends in the field:

  1. Optimize and Create for Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic is quickly exceeding desktop traffic. According to Google, responsive websites tend to provide the best experience for users. Therefore, this search engine has included ‘mobile friendly’ notations next to blogs and websites on mobile search results. Bing also prefer single responsive URLs. This means that you need to ensure that your website is mobile user friendly to raise your rank on search results.

  1. Optimize for DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Bing

More likely than not, other search engines will start taking on a greater share of the market in 2015. Trends on the online world show that this is an actual possibility. For instance, Yahoo! is the default search engine for Firefox after Google was kicked to the curb. Safari’s deal with Google will also be terminated in 2015, and Yahoo! and Bing are fighting to secure that spot. OS X and iOS 8 users also have the option of switching their default browsers to DuckDuckGo and Google.

Therefore, to properly optimize your website and protect your current traffic levels, you should consider increasing your visibility across all search engines – not just on Google.

  1. Switch Focus from Keyword to ROI Metrics

Most website owners and bloggers emphasize on keyword ranking to determine the success of their SEO efforts. Some SEO companies even target useless keywords to prove to their clients that they are ranking at number one, or on the first page of given search results.

In 2015, consider the increase in revenue that you have been able to get from particular SEO campaigns and strategies. Focusing on your returns from investing in SEO tips, tricks and strategies will prove more useful for you in the long run, especially if you paid for SEO to increase traffic to your site and for the conversion of traffic into actual customers.

  1. Focused Social Media Approach

Today, social media platforms are marketing and customer service channels that are proving useful to business website and blogging owners. Therefore, you need to engage with your social audience on a more personal level through your social media accounts.

To make the most out of this opportunity, ensure you are very accommodating and active by focusing on just 2 or 3 social media platforms. This will help you generate more revenue, sales and leads while building a loyal following that will willingly share your content.

In the process, more people will be introduced too your brand. Additionally, it will present new opportunities for your blogs and websites to earn more links. Of course, the result will be an improvement in the optimization of your site.

  1. Earn Links

Instead of building links, consider search engine optimization efforts that will help you earn them. Even though there have been numerous SEO algorithm changes and updates over the past few years, inbound links are still the most influential signal of authority and trust.

If you previously concentrated your SEO strategies on the building of links on irrelevant websites and blogs or on the chasing of large quantities of useless links, then you need to rethink things.

One of the best SEO tips 2015 that you will get will revolve around how you earn links. To this end, it will be more useful for you to earn one link on a high quality and relevant website. This will improve your SEO, attract referral traffic and leads, increase your sales and expose your brand more visibly. Therefore, get your SEO team and PR department to work together to achieve these desirable results.


Of course, you will need to improve your search engine optimization game to remain relevant and get more customers through your blogging efforts, websites and social media accounts. Apart from using the above tips, ensure you target more precise search phrases and keywords in 2015. In the long run, you will be glad you employed the above tips into your SEO strategy and campaign in 2015.

In conclusion, SEO should be part and parcel of your website maintenance and updating for its lifetime. This means that you should use the above SEO tips and tricks to continuously improve your website’s ability to make your brand and its content more visible while improving the user experience for your website visitors. Although it is impossible to master SEO in a single day, you can still make small steps in the above areas of SEO to make your website better and your efforts even more impactful in 2015.


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