At the entrance she’d greet us,
Barking and waging her tail yonder-
Sniffing at the mass,
Eyes filled with wonder.

Beautiful, black and bold,
Her fur sleek and soft-
Thought she’d with us grow old,
But she’s now perched on a loft.

Yester we found her,
Slain in cold blood-
I miss her spirit eagre,
Loyal, true and sweet nerd.

How we miss you Tam!
Who harmed you love?
God smite that bum-
Who conspired that you we mayn’t have.

Oh Tam wondrous bitch!
Wherefore shalt another be got?
Feed and newly teach-
Wilt thou ever be forgot?

Rest now Tam beau,
Your puppies we’ll watch o’er-
Though you we can’t renew,
Your line they must tow.


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