Heave, Awhile We Tarry

Just the other day, not long ago –
In these sunny climes,
Met this beau, who’d [my heart] gore,
Chose those eyes, brighter than dimes.

Hovering over art, lovingly and gently,
Understanding beauty, in ways unfathomable –
Could it be THE ONE? Heart’s a medley;
Happiness! Glee! Ineradicable!

Urbane. Tall. Light. Graceful.
How wondrous this work of art!
Charming. Smiling. Genteel. Mirthful.
Understated, yet full of heart.

Hair so lustrous, skin soft and tender –
Cruella-like, taut and pert.
My being to surrender,
I must, as did Tut.

Joyous Life! Mad Lust! Must Love!


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