The things I would do, To be with you – Touch, kiss, coo; stop this craving too. Hold thee softly, Caress thee tenderly – Feel thee gently, Be taken up totally. Oh body beguiling Sway this here bling – Pray, is this a fling To which I’ll cling? Approach this wonder, Forget then render – Feel that meander Abandon and splendour. […]

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Finally! We are in! Now, let’s harry the country – Heave! Ho! Sip this gin! Till we are done, watch Wanjiku suffer and tarry. Thus spake Politia, That class upper, uppity & seemingly invincible – Neither gratitude nor shame sheer Stirrups her greed & lust so visible. True to character predictable, We whip them gadgets […]

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On Your Knees Kneel Notice the Ills. Wonder | Wander | Work And Influence Positive Change – Raise Generations To Deal Death Blows to Kenya’s Misery.

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