Finally! We are in!
Now, let’s harry the country –
Heave! Ho! Sip this gin!
Till we are done, watch Wanjiku suffer and tarry.

Thus spake Politia,
That class upper, uppity & seemingly invincible –
Neither gratitude nor shame sheer
Stirrups her greed & lust so visible.

True to character predictable,
We whip them gadgets out and # –
Rant. Vent. Judge. Copy. Paste. Grumble.
Words empty. Memes plenty. Treasury dug.

Action! Reaction!
Simple Newtonian physics –
Oh countryman my countrywoman, save thy nation,
She bleeds to feed these insatiable ticks.

Graft gorges us proper
To prosper, we work harder –
Hand to Caesar when belongs to Caesar,
Learning naught as we grow older.

Round two at the ballot
Bury heads ‘neath the sand –
Forget graft that vile, vicious harlot,
Jubilate when ‘victory’ seems at hand.

Steal. Hide. Rinse. Repeat.
Graft stifles prosperity –
Reduces Wanjiku to a life of defeat
Illiteracy, disease and poverty.

Say No! Stop It!
If you must, by all means picket!
La Marseillaise”, sing in heat –
That, my dear, is success’ ticket.


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