Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

About This Guide

This popular guide is derived from actual strategies that have been tested and proved to work for marketing businesses, organizations and individuals on the World Wide Web. By using this guide, you will learn how to:

a) Make quick decisions about the changes that are required in your marketing plans for best results

b) Target and reach your ideal market / audience

c) Use a digital planning system and approach to structure your digital strategy

d) Combine digital marketing with your regular marketing efforts

e) Manage your digital marketing efforts using KPIs, set objectives and shared vision

f) Create unique customer experiences and value propositions

The Digital Marketing Steps

We have included 7 main steps that you should follow for more successful online marketing campaigns. These steps, include, but are not limited to:



You need to develop a workable digital strategy. This strategy will, in turn, enable you define opportunities available in the e-marketplace, your targeting and segmentation, your online value proposition, your online goals, your online audience, and the best touch points to improve sales and leads.

To create one, start with a separate document outlining the need for a digital marketing strategy. Then, aim this document towards your overall plan.


Without a review of your long-term digital roadmap, you won’t be able to identify the opportunities available in the marketplace. Use a range of checklists and plans that match your business model.


The plans should include a roadmap and vision for strategic initiatives, an annual digital marketing plan, campaign plans, content and editorial calendars, and weekly and daily to-do lists and operations plans.


Focus on the inbound channels that drive most of the sales and visits to your social media pages and profiles, website and blog. Pay attention to the earned, owned, and paid media channels to ensure you are targeting the right customers. Target your audience using SEO fuelled by aggressive content marketing, Google AdWords, social media marketing, influencer outreach, email marketing and display advertising.


An agency-based or hybrid approach also works for a number of businesses. You just need to select the best, most effective resources to use for each activity. As a digital marketer, ensure you retain ownership (and/or collaborate) closely with agencies on customer insight, strategy, and analysis and optimization.


To get more new clients, you must invest in your chosen digital marketing strategy. Focus on the planning, optimization and evaluation of your marketing strategy. This is how professional digital marketers get more customers. Of course, the bulk of your time will be spent in outreach (usually the part content marketers and SEO experts forget).


Without engaging your customers, you won’t be able to get them to buy from you or to return to you when they need the products/services you are offering. To improve engagements, test your ad creatives, mobile and web experiences, online touch points and the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.


In conclusion, this Digital Marketing Strategy Guide has been written with you in mind. Use it to shape your skills, improve your understanding, enrich your online efforts, and get better results from everything you do on the digital marketplace.

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people. Click here to see the […]

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How to Create a Photo-Gallery Wall

Photo-gallery walls are all the rage these days. From homes to offices, walls are stacked up with amazing displays of photos marking family moments in a cherished and classy way. If you are looking for ideas on how to create a photo-gallery wall of your most cherished family moments that your friends and family will just love, this is the right guide for you. Use the following tips, tricks, suggestions, and hints to create your own gallery wall with minimal effort.

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The Outline

Essentially, a number of stores stock these amazing magnetic picture frames. You can swap the frame for one of a different color, or get a couple of frames and mix and match them to create the perfect photo-gallery wall. Be sure to place your orders through Amazon for faster delivery, Amazon guarantees, and other advantages only available if you buy through Amazon).

Anyway, your outline should include:

a) A Workable Plan

While creating wall arrangements with photos, less is often better than more. Therefore, consider picking your best family photos. Make sure they are cheerful, bright and clear – otherwise the effect won’t look as good as you had initially anticipated.

In general, also, odd numbers often look better than even ones. The spacing also matters. Start your photo – gallery wall DIY project by coming up with a logical and workable plan. If you are going to use lots of photos on a small wall, the plan should have 2 inches between photos. If you have a larger surface to work with, plan for around 6 inches between the photos.

b) The Layout

Most people are indecisive. Instead of taking to the wall with nails and a hammer, consider first working with old newspapers and masking tape. Place your picture frames on the newspapers, and cut out the right sizes. The great thing about laying out your photos first means that you will have an opportunity to change your mind, rearrange the selections and find that perfect fit.

While working on the layout, tape or mark the newspapers to get a rough idea about where to place which photos. Start with the photos you wish to feature as your centerpieces. Working your way out, place the newspaper cuttings on the wall and take a step back. Keenly review the art you have just created, rearrange as required and proceed to the next step.

Alternatively, start by photographing the blank wall where you are intent on installing the photo–gallery. In case there will be furniture pieces on or leaning against the wall, ensure that you include them in the photo. This will give you a clearer picture about what should go where. It will also help you create an ideal layout according to what you have in mind.

c) Personalize It

There are a thousand and one different ways to create your own photo – gallery wall. For instance, you can give the gallery that pop of color required to bring out your character. Alternatively, you can use different frame styles, taking care to include all the cool whimsically shaped frames with more traditional framing. In the same way, you can go for a more personal touch by adding items like a family monogram and initials, or favorite family mementos.

Using the above steps, you can then proceed to the actually design, installation and bringing to life of the photo – gallery wall. Magnetic frames are among the easiest to work with.

Create your Own Photo-Gallery Wall in 5 Simple Steps

Next up, you are going to learn other great layouts and ideas to use once you are ready to set up your family photo gallery. Of course, you are likely to feel a bit intimidated by the thoughts of where you ought to start from. This is why our guide has handy examples you can fall back on to find that perfect balance and layout. What is more, you do not have to worry about photos of different sizes.

What You Will Need

With regards to the tools you will need, here is a short list of the items you will need to create a photo-gallery wall that your family and friends will absolutely love. Your list equipment should include a hammer, nails, level, tape measure, pencil and eraser, notebook, head screwdriver, extra screws and nails, painter’s tape, and amazing picture frames.

It is also recommended that you also have a hair tie, family or friends to help whenever you need (and keep you company), and a great playlist to get you going.

The Steps

1. Select Wall Art

The fun part of the project is picking out those photos of cherished family moments that you need to go up the wall. Accumulating snapshots for your gallery is a long process. However, it is loads of fun – especially considering these are cherished family moment you are going to display.

The most successful photo – gallery walls are those that combine different frame styles, colors, textures and art mediums. If you are looking for that elusive foolproof way of making sure that your photos will work together, find pieces with a common thread. For instance, consider photos from different age periods. However, do not make the mistake of limiting yourself.

For such DIY projects, it is important that your wall art represents you and your family – your shared history, tastes and preferences. Scour through your family albums and pull photos you wish to put together. Locate photos taken during holidays, at school, in your garden, around the dining table – everything that you can get your hands on.

During the initial stage, remember that when it comes to photo-gallery walls, the size matters. Instead of focusing on a single scheme or type, the combination of different sized photos and frames will make or break your wall.

The key here, therefore, is to ensure that you have a couple of large pieces that you can anchor on the way. Combine these with medium sized photos and frames, and a couple more of your smaller family photos.

2. Frame ‘Em

Framing is generally a matter of personal (or, in this case, familial) preference. Luckily, there are lots of awesome magnetic photo frames out there. Pick carefully.

While framing, ensure that each photo is framed individually in ways that will complement your wall art. You can also use different frames for different photos. This will make for a more interesting photo-gallery wall. As you do this, consider that you might wish to hang the same photo and frame elsewhere at a later date. This means that the frame-photo combo should be able to look unique and beautiful by itself.

If you like, choose the same type of frame for all your pieces. This will help you achieve that elusively classic and clean look most people are unable to quite achieve. You can also ask professional experts and designers to help you choose the right frames. There are loads of antique silvers, antique golds, naturals, greens, whites and a variety of other colors and makes. Your selection should complement individual pieces while also making for a more cohesive overall feel and look.

3. Lay ‘Em Out

As advised above, measure the wall space you wish to fill with your most cherished family moments. Then, tape this section off on the floor or on your newspapers. This way, you will be able to space the photos out the way you desire before you fasten everything to the wall.

Arrange, rearrange, change the frames and continue with the rearrangement. Pair different photos next to each other, find those that almost resemble pairs and shift things around until you find that layout you love. Once you have locked down your most favorite arrangement, photograph the layout for future reference (for when you will need to start hanging the pictures).

4. Make Hanging Marks

Flip all the photos in their frames face – down. Look at how they will hang. If they are on wires or strings, stretch it vertically (as high as you wish it to go). Then, make small marks on the templates where the string/ wire stops stretching. It should, of course, be centered horizontally within the frame. You picture hooks and nails will go here.

In case you are working with holes or metal hooks, you might have to flip your templates face down so that they match your pictures. Use pins to make piercings where the hooks are located. Then, flip it back face – up and use a pen to make more obvious marks on the front side.

5. Hang ‘Em Up

At this juncture, you will be ready to get your photo-gallery up on the wall. Always start by working with your largest photograph (or the photo contained in the largest frame. Hang it a bit off – center to ensure that it will not completely steal the show.

In case you have no large pieces, consider grouping two photo-in-frame combos together. This will give the illusion of a larger photograph. After hanging the largest piece, start building the gallery. Work from the center going outward with medium and smaller photos and frames.

Alternatively, you can use the newspaper outlines of your photos, taping them to the wall before hanging the actual framed family photographs. If not, use the layout photos you took. Either way, you should be able to find that perfectly balanced gallery you envisioned.

TIP: The Height

The height of your photo-gallery wall really matters. Most designers recommend that you maintain the height to two photos, top to bottom (3 if your photos are super small). This way, your art will be at the eye – level, where it is more visible for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

However, if you are going for the full floor – to – ceiling look, toss this artsy tip out the window.

As you hang them, remember to take the occasional step back. Use this time to check the work of art in progress. Try different angles, paying extra attention to balancing the sizes, the colors and the overall finish together with the arrangement.

Once you are happy with the layout, you will be ready to hang your series of preciously cherished family moments. This is where you will feel grateful that you took the time to make templates and layouts. To hang your photos, simply place your nails or picture hooks in so that they directly match up with the hanging marks you created. Then, hammer them in through the paper. Remove the pieces of paper and replace with your photos in their glowing picture frames.

And there you go! You have now learned how to create a photo-gallery wall of your most cherished family moments that your friends and family will just love.

More Tips

i) Make a Statement

You will find that creating a photo-gallery wall is the ideal way to use your creativity in making a personal statement. It will give you the rare opportunity to display your family, the unique personalities you all are, and the wonderful memories you have shared (and continue sharing).

ii) Have Fun

While creating the frame-inspired gallery, remember to have fun. Play around with the layouts until you identify the best ones.

iii) Placement

During the design state, think about how you are going to place each photo. This is especially so if you intend to have the gallery over a chair or sofa. The space between the gallery and the furniture should be at least 8 inches in size. Also, remember not to hang the photos too high or too low. The best placement is at eye level.

iv) Use Palettes

You can showcase photos with a variety of shades and colors for a more unique display. If possible, use similar color palettes to group together your photos.

v) Tell a Story

Photo-gallery wall are your one opportunity to document, display and tell the story of your family. Visitors to your home should be able to follow the story of your experiences and travels and fall in love with it. Therefore include photos from recent trips, artwork created by your children (or you when you were younger) among others.

In conclusion, learning how to create a photo-gallery wall of your most cherished family moments should not be difficult. Follow the above guide (with the accompanying tips) to turn your otherwise blank wall spaces into works of art using magnetic frames.

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