Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

About This Guide

This popular guide is derived from actual strategies that have been tested and proved to work for marketing businesses, organizations and individuals on the World Wide Web. By using this guide, you will learn how to:

a) Make quick decisions about the changes that are required in your marketing plans for best results

b) Target and reach your ideal market / audience

c) Use a digital planning system and approach to structure your digital strategy

d) Combine digital marketing with your regular marketing efforts

e) Manage your digital marketing efforts using KPIs, set objectives and shared vision

f) Create unique customer experiences and value propositions

The Digital Marketing Steps

We have included 7 main steps that you should follow for more successful online marketing campaigns. These steps, include, but are not limited to:



You need to develop a workable digital strategy. This strategy will, in turn, enable you define opportunities available in the e-marketplace, your targeting and segmentation, your online value proposition, your online goals, your online audience, and the best touch points to improve sales and leads.

To create one, start with a separate document outlining the need for a digital marketing strategy. Then, aim this document towards your overall plan.


Without a review of your long-term digital roadmap, you won’t be able to identify the opportunities available in the marketplace. Use a range of checklists and plans that match your business model.


The plans should include a roadmap and vision for strategic initiatives, an annual digital marketing plan, campaign plans, content and editorial calendars, and weekly and daily to-do lists and operations plans.


Focus on the inbound channels that drive most of the sales and visits to your social media pages and profiles, website and blog. Pay attention to the earned, owned, and paid media channels to ensure you are targeting the right customers. Target your audience using SEO fuelled by aggressive content marketing, Google AdWords, social media marketing, influencer outreach, email marketing and display advertising.


An agency-based or hybrid approach also works for a number of businesses. You just need to select the best, most effective resources to use for each activity. As a digital marketer, ensure you retain ownership (and/or collaborate) closely with agencies on customer insight, strategy, and analysis and optimization.


To get more new clients, you must invest in your chosen digital marketing strategy. Focus on the planning, optimization and evaluation of your marketing strategy. This is how professional digital marketers get more customers. Of course, the bulk of your time will be spent in outreach (usually the part content marketers and SEO experts forget).


Without engaging your customers, you won’t be able to get them to buy from you or to return to you when they need the products/services you are offering. To improve engagements, test your ad creatives, mobile and web experiences, online touch points and the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.


In conclusion, this Digital Marketing Strategy Guide has been written with you in mind. Use it to shape your skills, improve your understanding, enrich your online efforts, and get better results from everything you do on the digital marketplace.


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