Urban Planning and Placemaking

As both a hands-on approach and an overarching idea for improving cities, neighborhoods and regions, placemaking inspires people to collectively reinvent and re-imagine public spaces. It strengthens the connection between communities and shared spaces, thereby shaping public opinion and promoting the maximization of shared value.

What is Placemaking?

Placemaking, according to the Project for Public Spaces (commonly abbreviated as PPS), is the “art of creating public places of the soul to uplift and help connect people to each other.” Alternatively, it can also be defined as the “breathing a new lease of life in public spaces”.

Placemaking and Urban Planning

Apart from promoting better urban planning and design, placemaking also facilitates the creative patterns of use. It also pays particular attention to the social, cultural and physical identities that define a space while supporting its ongoing evolution.

At its core is community participation. To this end, placemaking capitalizes on the potential, inspiration and assets existent in a local community. As a result, it leads to the creation, by communities and urban planners, of higher-quality public spaces which contribute to the peoples overall well-being, happiness and health.

In general, therefore, placemaking motivates urban planners to make spaces where people will want to come whenever they wish to escape their busy lives; places where people can spend time enjoying the space and each other while taking in the sights and the nature.

Placemaking and the Community

Placemaking also empowers local communities to build each other up and feel a sense of belonging in. Susan Silberg, working with the DUSP research team, reports that “placemaking is interactive. It promotes community participation while expanding the ways through which communities can share in creating that all-too-elusive sense of belonging through urban planning.”

Placemaking: Principles and Plans

Today, placemaking revitalizes communities especially in urban areas where the urban density is more concentrated than in rural areas. It enables communities:

a) Integrate diverse opinions and combine them into cohesive visions

b) Translate such visions into programs and plans of uses

c) Ensures the sustainable and affordable implementation of said plans

To turn shared visions into reality requires patience in the taking of small steps, listening truly and seeing the best solution within particular contexts. While community input is a requirement in any placemaking process, there is need for a mutual understand of the various ways in which public spaces benefit multiple initiatives and stakeholders and foster successful social networks at once.

Case Study: Vancouver

Vancouver used to suffer from urban flight. The government decided to consciously improve the business district. Urban planners have, over the years, worked to make Vancouver more vibrant. Today, people still prefer to stay downtown even after work. Why? Because the effects of placemaking have created things to do, ensured there are people to see and places to go. These days, Vancouver boasts public events, parks and street cafes. The transit hubs also make movement across the city faster and more convenient without being affected by the growing urban density.

In conclusion, therefore, placemaking only works when communities give their input, decide on the best way to use public spaces and rely on professional urban planners to create livable and breathable public spaces for the enjoyment and benefit of all peoples, now and into the future.

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Spreading LGMD Awareness

Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (commonly abbreviated as LGMD) is caused by gene mutations. Currently, there are more than 30 different types of this ailment. Although the first symptoms appear after childhood, LGMD is a serious disease. The affected are usually unable to get up without using their arms. Some can also not stand on their toes. Those with advanced LGMD lose the ability to lift their arms above the shoulders and/or walk.

From the above paragraph, it is clear that this is a dilapidating condition. Spreading LGMD awareness, therefore, helps parents and family members understand the condition and seek medical assistance at the earliest opportunity.

Why You Should Spread LGMD Awareness

a) Land a Scholarship

Apart from helping raise knowledge about this rarely-recognized disease, spreading LGMD awareness can be beneficial to you too. For starters, there are scholarships that are specifically tailored to college students like you. Being active in promoting awareness of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy can, therefore, enable you get such a scholarship.

Most of these scholarships are focused on finding appropriate therapies for the different types of muscular dystrophies that are caused by a deficiency in dysferlin. You will, therefore, be rewarded for your ability to effectively spread LGMD awareness.

b) Increase Public Awareness

Using your own resources, or those you gain from the LGMD awareness scholarships, you will be better placed to teach other about this hereditary muscle-weakening ailment. Other conditions that are related to LGMD include Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathies (HIBM) and Pompe Disease. Although they are different from LGMD, these diseases also affect sufferers and their families in a negative way.

c) Alleviate Human Suffering

Perhaps the main reason for spreading LGMD awareness is the fact that you will empower, enable, and encourage people to seek medical help sooner than they would otherwise have been able to. Ignorance surrounding this disease means that thousands of cases remain untreated. Those infected continue suffering, their families are frustrated and countless hours are spent trying to find an appropriate solution. By being proactive in talking about this disease, you will play a major role in alleviating the suffering and other problems caused by LGMD.

In conclusion, spreading LGMD awareness will only be successful if you are passionate about it. You ought to understand that the suffering of human beings anywhere is something everyone should participate in ending. Your contribution, however, small, towards increasing public information around LGMD will, therefore, go a long way in reducing human suffering. Take the step today to proactively learn about Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and inform and educate others about it.

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Smart Member 2.0 Review

Smart Member 2.0 is a new cloud-based online platform that allows you to create full-fledged membership websites. Through this platform, you can easily manage these websites since the platform integrates sites with the main payment processors, affiliate platforms, and auto responders you will be using.

Setting up a membership website using Smart Member 2.0 is easy. Just follow the quick steps and your site will be running in a couple of minutes. Amazingly, you do not need any prior hosting or technical experience for it to work. Smart Member will host your content and enable you to create a variety of unlimited membership levels, publish any digital content (audio, video, PDF, zip-files, and software).

Additionally, Smart Member 2.0 has 100+ added features and automatically fixes bugs. In a nutshell, it resembles Udemy in the sense that you can use it to create and launch personalized courses and build membership websites. However, you get more control with Smart Member 2.0 than you would with Udemy. It also allows you to integrate with 3rd party platforms (like ClickBank and JVzoo), pay commissions to your affiliates instantly, collect money directly, use your own personalized sales pages, and keep your leads.

Who Is Smart Member 2.0 Designed For?

Presently, Smart Member 2.0 is second to none in the membership platform industry. It was created especially for professional internet marketers looking to sell products and services through affiliates. Once you create your own website, you will be able to use Smart Member 2.0 features to manage and support your affiliate networks.

Smart Member 2.0 Features

To enable you streamline your affiliate marketing business, Smart Member 2.0 has a number of amazing features that you can use. These include:

a) The Affiliate Dashboard

This dashboard keeps records of your affiliates’ statistics, and monitors their sales statistics. It also collects their contact information, product status, Facebook profiles, and so much more.

b) JV Launch Manager

This built-in too is easy to use. It is designed for automating the process of disapproving or approving your JV affiliates.

c) Review Access Tools

These tools will enable you give free access to your prospects and partners at the simple click of a mouse.

d) JV Partner Page Build

This is an extra tool that you can use to build your partner pages. It is also designed for use in uploading ads, banners, and email swipes among others.

e) Google Hangouts/ Webinar Promotions

This Smart Member 2.0 feature will give your affiliates the rare opportunity to promote your webinars and live casts and earn generous commissions with every buyer they refer to you. To use it, you simply need to fill out the form attached, embed your code and promote your event.

The promotions feature also records beautiful pages for every live cast. Later, you can archive the cast in a specialized webinars section and decide who they should be available to (members only and/or guests)

f) Dynamic Leaderboards

Smart Member 2.0 automatically updates your affiliate and sales statistics before displaying them on a dynamic affiliate leader board. To use this feature, you only need to choose the information to hide or show, and decide whether results should be refreshed every day, every 15 minutes or manually. The leaderboards will also enable you to group your affiliates into teams (and every affiliate has their own unique ID).

Benefits of Using Smart Member 2.0

Smart Member 2.0, being the revolutionary web based platform it is, comes with a number of unique benefits. These give it a competitive advantage over similar platforms in the market. They include:

1. Unlimited Membership Websites

Using Smart Member 2.0, you can create unlimited membership websites for personal use and/or for your clients. The websites you build will also come with unlimited domain names and unlimited traffic capacity. You will also be allowed to set up unique membership sites for your clients, and charge them monthly fees and setup fees for managing their accounts.

2. Banner Widget (Style and Theme Settings)

With this platform, you can select from three theme variations before choosing your desired color combination. You can also customize the colors as you desire, add banners (ideal for promoting your products) in the widget area, and add notes to your members’ /affiliates’ module pages.

3. Syllabus Creator and Vimeo Video Import Features

With a single click, Smart Member 2.0 allows you to upload Vimeo videos as a list. The software will then create modules from each file automatically. To do this, it uses the tags, video lengths, embed codes, descriptions, and titles. After that, you only need to drag and drop the modules into various sections/ sub-sections. This means that you can easily create a complex but beautiful syllabus in a couple of minutes.

4. Audio and Transcription Upload

The simple uploader allows you to add mp3 audio and/or transcription files to your general content area.

5. Simplified Member Management

Use Smart Member 2.0 to manage and monitor the members from the main dashboard. As you do this, you will see the duration of their membership, the products they own, their access level, the modules they have watched, the number of times they visited your website, and so much more. Similarly, you can add personalized notes for every member (such as extra contact information you may have recently gathered).

6. Facebook and Email Integration

This platform also allows you to segment email lists based on purchases. In case of refunds, you can move the client automatically to a refund list. You can also automatically connect your Facebook group to your membership website. Smart Member 2.0 will automatically remove/add members based on their current membership status.

7. Sales Statistics

Smart Member 2.0 also monitors the live statistics for every product/service you launch. By so doing it covers such data as refunds, total customers, yesterday’s sales, daily sales, and total sales among others.

8. Admin Access

Using this platform, you can automatically add and remove admins to the member’s area before deciding the level of access you wish to grant to them.

9. Others

You can also use Smart Member 2.0 to launch your own courses, create affiliate bonus websites, build lists in just about any niche, and create bridge pages that change based on the user who is viewing them.

In conclusion, Smart Member 2.0 is unrivaled in terms of effectiveness, automation, simplicity, and pricing. If you are looking to create a membership website, manage an affiliate program and automate your daily management tasks, look no further. Smart Member 2.0 is the way to go.

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