Spreading LGMD Awareness

Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (commonly abbreviated as LGMD) is caused by gene mutations. Currently, there are more than 30 different types of this ailment. Although the first symptoms appear after childhood, LGMD is a serious disease. The affected are usually unable to get up without using their arms. Some can also not stand on their toes. Those with advanced LGMD lose the ability to lift their arms above the shoulders and/or walk.

From the above paragraph, it is clear that this is a dilapidating condition. Spreading LGMD awareness, therefore, helps parents and family members understand the condition and seek medical assistance at the earliest opportunity.

Why You Should Spread LGMD Awareness

a) Land a Scholarship

Apart from helping raise knowledge about this rarely-recognized disease, spreading LGMD awareness can be beneficial to you too. For starters, there are scholarships that are specifically tailored to college students like you. Being active in promoting awareness of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy can, therefore, enable you get such a scholarship.

Most of these scholarships are focused on finding appropriate therapies for the different types of muscular dystrophies that are caused by a deficiency in dysferlin. You will, therefore, be rewarded for your ability to effectively spread LGMD awareness.

b) Increase Public Awareness

Using your own resources, or those you gain from the LGMD awareness scholarships, you will be better placed to teach other about this hereditary muscle-weakening ailment. Other conditions that are related to LGMD include Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathies (HIBM) and Pompe Disease. Although they are different from LGMD, these diseases also affect sufferers and their families in a negative way.

c) Alleviate Human Suffering

Perhaps the main reason for spreading LGMD awareness is the fact that you will empower, enable, and encourage people to seek medical help sooner than they would otherwise have been able to. Ignorance surrounding this disease means that thousands of cases remain untreated. Those infected continue suffering, their families are frustrated and countless hours are spent trying to find an appropriate solution. By being proactive in talking about this disease, you will play a major role in alleviating the suffering and other problems caused by LGMD.

In conclusion, spreading LGMD awareness will only be successful if you are passionate about it. You ought to understand that the suffering of human beings anywhere is something everyone should participate in ending. Your contribution, however, small, towards increasing public information around LGMD will, therefore, go a long way in reducing human suffering. Take the step today to proactively learn about Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and inform and educate others about it.


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