7 Things to Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Supplier

Your wedding is, for all intents and purposes, going to be the most important day of your life. This is why you need to note these 7 things to know before choosing your wedding supplier. After all, you certainly do not want to ruin your magical day by getting the wrong supplies:

  1. Choose Professional Suppliers

There are lots of wedding suppliers out there. Whereas most of them are legitimate, others are 3rd party suppliers who will simply outsource the work to an actual supplier and charge you for the trouble.

To this end, it would be better for you (and for your pocket, of course) to select a supplier who has complete control over the items you are looking to buy. If possible, get one who does in house production. This way, your wedding gifts and suppliers will be done to perfection, and according to your instructions.

  1. Read Client Reviews

Finding the right wedding supplier can be as easy as checking for and reading verified client reviews. One great place you might want to look is on Yotpo, a verified review system where newlyweds post their opinions about their weddings and the suppliers they worked with.

By reading these reviews, and maybe getting in touch with the reviewers, you will find out what they thought of the service and products from such and such a company. After comparisons, you should then be able to choose a supplier who provides the most satisfactory customer service.

  1. Be Unique

With so many weddings going round, and countless party favours and wedding gifts, you certainly want to stand out. This is why you might want to consider looking for unique products. This is the sure-fire way to amaze your guests. Instead of settling for the normal, go beyond that and find a supplier who has unique products and services that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come. A good idea would be to try the printed wooden coasters.

  1. Count on Trust

It also makes sense to work with people you can trust. Therefore, find an Australian wedding supplier you feel in your core you can trust. Instead of risking the extended freight, translation and quality issues that come with importing products from wedding suppliers based all the way across the globe, shop locally among trustworthy wedding suppliers. They should, of course, share your vision of the perfect wedding day. Additionally, you should feel comfortable working with and around them, otherwise things could get pretty awkward on your special day.

  1. Cut Costs

A great way to find an affordable wedding supplier is by looking for one who will help you further cut down on the cost of getting the perfect suppliers. If possible, look for one who provides free shipping. This will create more room in your wedding budget.

Of course, as you do this, remember that price isn’t everything. You might actually want to review the different packages available and find exactly what the wedding supplier will include in your package. At times, also, it makes sense to go with a supplier who charges slightly more but also provides greater value.

  1. Go Social

Social media is a great tool to use in finding the right wedding supplier. Go online and check the most popular pages on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Find out what is trending and what’s hot in the wedding supplies industry. During your research, you will discover that wedding coasters are in vogue at the moment. In fact, they have been rated among the most popular wedding products among brides. Why not try them out?

  1. Variety

Last but not least, find a supplier who has a wide variety of wedding products. This way, your options will not be limited, and you will be in a better position to find something that will perfectly suit your chosen wedding theme.


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