Content, Platform and Execution: Increasing the ROI on eLearning

About LayUp

LayUp is a cloud – based learning – driven social platform. It is the latest platform in the market for companies looking for a new way to train, engage and reward employees and increase the ROI on elearning. This cloud based social platform is also gamified, for purposes of improving employee engagement, holding their focus and making the learning material more fun.

Live Demo Accounts at LayUp

To understand how LayUp works, you might first want to check out their live demo accounts. LayUp provides two options, including:

i) LayUp for Software Product Training

Use this account to train your employees on the software products used within your company.

ii) LayUp for Enterprise Training

This account is designed for companies looking to train their employees on corporate best practices.

Choose the account that suits your needs and requirements best.

The LayUp Platform

LayUp has invested in creating an online learning platform that is interactive, fun, and looks great. Founded in 2012, this company is run by its founders with investment and support from Creative Solutions. The platform is designed for customer support, documentation, employee training and Human Resources management.

1. Human Resources

By using LayUp, you will be able to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. The HR on-boarding process will also enable your firm facilitate employee achievements while maintaining professional certifications for your staff.

2. Partner and Employee Training

LayUp can also help you increase your sales opportunities while shortening your firm’s sales cycles. It will, therefore, increase your revenues by providing you with access to the pertinent information you require. This information, you should keep in mind, will be delivered dynamically and instantly as required.

3. Customer Support

LayUp also provides improved support and information that you can structure and repackage in ways that will enhance perceived customer value and customer support. It also minimizes the amount of time your employees spend on recreating the customer support wheel. At the end of the day, your company will be able to achieve higher levels of client satisfaction.

4. Authoring and Documentation

Organizations and business writers can also use LayUp’s authoring capabilities to easily and quickly create useful books and business reports, and publish them in formats that are accessible on different devices.

5. Learn and Collaborate

LayUp’s powerful collaboration capabilities will enable you receive insights from your audiences. You can then review, process and act upon these critical insights to gain a competitive advantage over other firms and organizations in your industry.

LayUp Features

LayUp uses modern concepts and technology to build the leading enterprise training platform in the world. This platform has a number of interesting, useful and highly actionable features, including:

a) Inbuilt Game Dynamics

The Game Dynamics that are inbuilt into the LayUp platform will enable your staff unlock special skills badges, gain and build reputation and earn points. In this manner, your employees will have fun and stay engaged while tracking their progress.

Gamification makes learning interesting and fun for your modern workforce. It uses gaming concepts, while employees can count on the points they gained from their learning activities as their social currency and capital at the workplace. Additionally, you can run time – bound challenges then reward your best-performing employees using certificates and badges. Top learners can also be rewarded through increased visibility on the company-branded leaderboards.

b) Analytics and Reporting

Your firm can also use LayUp to measure and track the performance of your departments, employees and the courses enrolled in. Later, you can also use this feature to generate reports on such performance.

c) Discussions and Forum Board

This board allows clients to discuss topics of interest, share their learning experiences and reach out to their peers whenever they need support.

d) Deep Brand Integration

The LayUp platform is completely white – label. This means that you can easily customize the design to reflect your corporate brand and identity.

e) Blended Learning

Additionally, LayUp comes with inbuilt support for Webinars. Therefore, your firm can combine live and online training as required for your target audience and the subject of discussion.

This feature will, therefore, allow you to supercharge the online training material in one centralized platform. You can also run certifications, exams, quizzes and course while promoting peer learning and scheduling training events to build a learning culture within your firm.

f) Localization and Language Support

With increasing globalization, the LayUp platform was designed for a more-international audience. You can, therefore, easily add new languages to accommodate your employees in other countries.

g) Social

LayUp is social driven. You can use it to map your organizational chart and create social profiles for every member of staff. The employees can then like, share and comment on the learning experiences of others.

These inbuilt social features will, additionally, enable you to easily identify the experts on different subject matters, traverse through the company employee directory and share and create discussions. People can even up – vote comments and ask others for answers to pertinent questions.

Who Needs LayUp?

In conclusion, LayUp is among the best learning management platforms out there. It accelerates learning through digital exams and quizzes, self-assessments and labs and textbooks. It is, therefore, useful to students, educators, and administrators within the corporate world. The social learning environment will enable your employees interact with each other to enhance their understanding of the subject material and how it applies to their daily activities and tasks, their job descriptions and their role and importance within the larger company chain. In this way, it will increase the ROI (returns on investment) on your e-learning activities.

Sign up for your LayUp account today and watch as it transforms your company into a market leader.


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