Organizing Your Way to Success

To succeed, in life or at accomplishing everyday mundane tasks, you need to know how to manage yourself, your resources and your time. One great way to be successful is organizing your days, and by taking each day as it comes. Read on to learn how:

1. Understand Time

Organizing yourself and your life requires that you understand time and how it works. Time is very relative. Whereas some people take longer to do something, others take half the time or less to do the same thing. Therefore, you should understand how you perform, how to prioritize, how effective you are at accomplishing certain goals and objectives, and the amount of time it typically takes you to complete a given project.

2. Plan

Before you sleep, always plan how you will spend your time the following day. Whip up a planner or a journal and jot down your action plans. For a start, have a minimum of 4 plans for each day of the week – one that is work related, one for personal activities (like running errands) and two for accomplishing your overall life goals. Then, increase the number of plans as you become more organized.

3. Expect Interruptions

Organizing your day will require that you stick to a pre-planned scheduled. However, no day goes exactly how one intended. Interruptions are part and parcel of human existence. This is why it is helpful to always leave some allowance in your pre-planned daily schedule for interruptions.

4. Start Strong

Start each day by accomplishing something major. This way, even if the rest of the day doesn’t go as planned and you don’t accomplish much, you will still be able to console yourself with the thought that at least you did something worthwhile with your day.

5. Accept

No one has achieved their goals and actualized their dreams in one day. Be human and understand that success takes time. Organized people don’t try to complete big projects at a go. They break it down into bite-sized portions and accomplish each milestone with time.

6. Reward Yourself

Last but not least, remember that organizing and ordering your life will also need great motivation and personal drive. Therefore, always reward yourself for a job well done. Whether it is taking a weekend off after a particularly grueling month or just gifting yourself with a lovely meal at a posh restaurant, self-motivation will further give you the impetus to continue being smart, organized and in control of your destiny.


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