Globe Pendant Lights

Globe pendant lights will add that rare signature style to your spaces. Today, there is a wide variety of these stunning glass ball chandeliers for you to choose from. The most popular options include mini pendant lights, globe/orb pendant lights, glass pendant lights, drum pendants, industrial pendants, modern pendants, Tiffany-style glass ball chandeliers, urn pendants, and lantern pendant lights, among others.

Why Choose Globe Pendant Lighting

If you are looking to add trend-setting style and class to your home, there is no better way to do it than by using globe pendant lighting. You can even set the tone in specific areas such as the kitchen, the foyer and even the patio and other outdoor areas. As long as you mix and match the ball chandeliers into a cohesive lighting scheme, your home should start looking and feeling incredibly stylish.

The wide selection of these lighting options also means that you should be able to find globe chandeliers that will inform, inspire and transform your personal design aesthetics. With the right inspiration and products, you will get to dress up your home with stunning pendant lights and chandeliers. The options range from the most ornate to simpler styles, making it incredibly easy to find globe pendants that will complement your existing home décor.

Custom Made Globe Pendant Lights

Most pendant lights hang from a single section of cord, chain or tubing. However, the lengths shown in the photos should not delude you. As with the other types of lighting available, you can request that your pendants get custom made to fit into the space available in your home.

You can even choose the shade, the finish and the length of the chandelier, among other options. The shade you select will help to integrate the pendant lighting with its surroundings – irrespective of whether you wish to install the pendants in your bathrooms, walk-in closets, powder rooms, pantries, kitchen, or formal entries. In fact, the right custom-made pendants can make a world of difference between showcasing your spaces and ruining your existing décor theme.

Colourful Pendant Lighting

You can now inject vibrant character and style into your home with a well-appointed glass ball chandelier or a cluster of globe pendants. The options are as varied as the tastes in the market. However, you might want to consider bright task lighting, and sultry mood lighting, among others. The wide variety of materials, colours and styles available also means that you should be able to find the perfect pendants easily and effortlessly.

Selecting Ball Chandeliers

Start by considering your overall interior décor and proceed from there. Try to choose complementary or similar colours, or go bold and big with pendant lights that provide an interesting contrast to your rooms. Whereas large single pendants create an indelible statement, smaller options can also be just as bold especially if you group them together. As you do this, remember to maintain a rhythmic balance by placing your hanging lights in sets of three. As long as your globe pendant lights (and their arrangement) do not create visual barriers in your rooms, they will look stunning and enviable.

Overall, glass ball chandeliers are a great way to brighten up your inner spaces. With so many of them to choose from, you can be sure that it will be easy to find the perfect globe pendant light options for your home.


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