How to Achieve Life Goals Using Visualization

Definition of Visualization

Irrespective of your career or life goals, you can easily find fulfillment through visualization. Whether you are looking to heal quickly, lose weight or work on your personal development, you can rely on visualization to tap into the power of the subconscious. So, what is visualization?

Essentially, visualization refers to the use of your imagination through mental imagery or pictures to create visions of what you need/want in your life and how to bring it to fruition. Used correctly, it can help you accomplish your life goals, perform well at anything you put your mind to, improve yourself, and maintain your good health. You should also consider combining it with the right emotions and a positive attitude for further success.

How It Works

So, how does visualization work? And why is it essential to goal setting? Basically, mental imagery works because after imaging yourself doing exactly what you would like to do, let say to perform well, lose weight or even heal quickly, your brain will physiologically create neural patterns – just like if you had actually performed the action physically. These thoughts, therefore, will stimulate your nervous system similar to the way the actual event affects your body.

Rehearsing or performing an event mentally will train your brain and create neural patterns. This will teach and influence your muscles to perform exactly as if the brain had instructed them. Ultimately, this is great for personal development.
In the sporting world, the best athletes not only have exceptional physical skills, their mental game is also exceedingly strong. This is why most coaches – both on the field and in the gym – preach that success comes 90% from the mind and 10% from the physical body.

To be effective, you need to practice and train your visualization and have/adopt a positive attitude on a regular basis. Relax the brain, ensure you are realistic, and reinforce your positive thoughts. By repeating this every few hours every day, you will have a greater shot at success.

What Are Alpha Waves?

To better understand visualization, you need to know what alpha waves are, and how visualization will help to exercise the brain so that it operates through these waves. Well, visualization exercises tend to work best and help you achieve your life/career goals when your brain waves are in the alpha mode.

Alpha waves are typically created within the occipital lobe when you are fully relaxed – such as during your hours of sleep. The brain processes all visual images within the occipital lobe.

During normal consciousness, these waves vibrate faster. Low frequency waves, however, imply that your visual performance is stronger when you are asleep than when you are fully conscious and awake. When you exercise your visualization, you will get your brain to start operating in alpha mode.

The best way to do this is by relaxing, closing your eyes, and breathing in rhythmic patterns. Then, focus on the breathing and think about nothing else. This might be a little tricky at first, but with concentration, commitment and regular practice, you should be able to master this skill.

Thereafter, irrespective of the visualization technique you use, it will ride on these essential alpha waves. As a result, you will be more effective at getting what you visualized.

How to Pursue Life Goals Using Visualization Techniques

There are many life and career goals that you, no doubt, would like to achieve by using visualization techniques. However, the most common goals involve trying to learn how to lose weight and/or how to get well soon.

Each of these goals (as well as anything else you set your mind to do) will require positive thinking, specific goal setting, being realistic, and imaging every step along the way. You should also spend some time observing all the simple details that are needed to help you succeed.

Winners from all walks of life use visualization to succeed. Therefore, if you really want something to happen or come to you, you need to exercise your imaginative mind and let it work for you.

To succeed, therefore, you need to start seeing the results right in front of you, visualize how your body will look after you lose all those extra pounds, and mentally observe getting out of your sick bed and starting to live a normal, unhindered lifestyle. At the end of the day, you can be sure that the sky isn’t the limit – rather, your mind is.

Feel the Results and Visualize the Big Picture

Whether you are looking to make a major career change or you have life goals you need to achieve, you can easily find success by using visualization. You should also strive to focus on the big picture once you start achieving actual results.

While visualizing works for small steps, you need a broader perspective if you are to achieve your goals and make that career change. In fact, people who see themselves as individuals they would like to become often end up burning more calories in the long run.
Similarly, if you can imagine yourself living in another city, working the job of your life, and waking up everyday feeling excited to go to work, then you have a better chance of achieving all this.

Anyway, does visualization come with any benefits? Here are a few:

– Helps you gain better focus so you can achieve your goals
– Motivates and inspires you
– Helps you improve your skills/sport/exercise
– Can be used to rehearse and acquire new, positive character traits
– Provides mood boosts by using positive and pleasant imagery


So, there you have it – the power of visualization and how it can help you achieve life and career goals. Of course, you might think that this is a new thing and others have not discovered it. However, many successful people use visualization on a daily basis to achieve their career and life and career goals.

These include famous people like Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carrey. Each of them learned that visualization was a powerful tool early on in their careers. Today, they rank among the most recognizable of names in the entertainment and business scene. So, why should you not consider using visualization for your own personal and professional development? Done right, it will help you achieve greater success than you might have thought possible in the past.


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