Bohemian Style Clothing for Women

Bohemian style clothing for women is increasingly popular today. This is mostly because it allows the wearer to focus more on their freedom of choice and in-born creativity. It also shows the intricate beauty of womanhood, while also bringing greater comfort and convenience in its design.

However, not everyone knows how to select the right bohemian clothing. So, the next time you step into fashionable boho boutiques, you might not know what to choose, and what to leave out.

In the following sections, we have listed some of the items every wardrobe should have. With this bohemian style clothing for women suggestions, you should be able to walk into several boho boutiques and leave with unique item and pieces to complete your bohemian looks.

So, without further ado, here goes:

Simple Maxi Skirt

To craft cool outfits from your boho collections, you need a great maxi skirt. With time, you will find that this is one of those unique pieces that you will always turn to every time you are throwing your outfit together. When you visit boho boutiques, therefore, make sure you look for simple skirts with solid colors.

Dressing Tips:

a) Pair the simple maxi skirt with a versatile vest and a graphic t-shirt. Then, complete your look with a top knot and gladiator sandals.

b) For a comfortable and quick outdoor ensemble, combine the skirt with a floppy sun hat and a solid-colored v-neck.

c) Maxi skirts also go well with chambray tops and button-down flannels. The look can be completed with bright lipstick and canvas sneakers.

Neutral-Colored Ankle Boots

Distressed, slouchy booties are bohemian staples. The best styles are loose around the ankles, making them look great whenever you tuck them into skinny jeans or pair them with short skirts.

Depending on whether you need a heel or not, select boots with heels that are not too skinny or high. This will ensure you are always comfortable, whether you wish to wear them to your lectures or to a concert.

Dressing Tips:

a) Quality ankle boots from boho boutiques will look great with skinny jeans, a hippie headpiece, and a loose knit sweater

b) They also go well with skirts and dresses. When wearing maxi skirts, go for better fitting boots; generally, the rule of thumb is: the shorter your skirt, the clunkier the shoes should be

c) Fringed suede ankle boots look fabulous with bold statement necklaces and hi-lo skirts

Chic Hairbands and Headwraps

Thin hippie headbands are also a must-have for any bohemian style wardrobe. The best types are those bade from bolder clothing styles. Boutiques like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, in particular, carry tons of cheap, flower crowns for your choosing.

Dressing Tips:

a) Thin, elastic hippie headbands can be wrapped around the forehead; however, you can also wear them an inch or so past your hairline – in a halo style; if the elastic in the head wrap is too tight, this is the way to go

b) Add fashion and glam to your bad hair day ponytail with a colorful hair band

c) Turbands look great with textured, wavy and/or curly hair – rather than with pin straight hair; spritzle the style with scrunching and salt spray, or curl large sections before you wear it

Printed Maxi Dresses

Printed maxi dresses are so hot. This is why there are tons of them at the best boho boutiques. When you go shopping, however, make sure you look for nature-inspired and/or geometric prints.

Dressing Tips:

a) Wear your maxi prints with wedge sandals and chunky jewelry for the perfect date night look

b) Try a denim vest with the printed maxi dress for a more casual look

c) Throw a distressed sweater over the dress to turn it into a skirt; complete the look with ankle boots

Gladiator Sandals

Last but not least, you cannot afford to overlook the range of gladiator sandals being stocked at boho boutiques. Actually, these sandals are a true godsend for the carefree, high spirited shopper. Additionally, they will serve as the perfect answer to your flip flop dilemma – mostly on account of their light and summery feels and fashionably polished looks.

Where possible, look for gladiators that come to a stop right before your ankles. Alternatively, however, select knee-high gladiator sandals for a fabulous and bold statement look, especially if you wish to attend an outdoor festival or concert.

Dressing Tips:

a) Look for styles that you can easily slip on and toss off for maximum freedom and versatility; you certainly don’t want to spend 5 minutes getting these shoes on

b) If you have high heel gladiator sandals, pair them with skinny jeans, skirts, and dresses

Overall, bohemian style clothing for women is as versatile as it gets. The next time you step into any of your favorite boho boutiques, therefore, you might be a bit confused about what to buy for your wardrobe. Use the above tips and suggestions to select statement pieces that will improve your looks during the coming months. Happy shopping!



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