When we envision Him,
In these mortal lives,
Oft the theme –
Is milk and hives.

Glee in seething accounts,
Mirth in adorned splendour,
Loud glory & power’d bounts –
Paths. No meander.

Oh such fallacy ’tis,
To equate Redemption
With gold gratis –
Grace, with consumption.

He is not to be mocked,
Our great and glorious Lord,
Surmised and rocked –
Tossed aside His True Word.

Solomon got it all,
Elected Wisdom over wealth,
Man forgets that call –
That’ll save his fleeting breathe.

Gold is good and fine,
Man’s glaring pall,
To wine and dine –
With our Lord, that’s the call.

Grace, Faith, Love,
The tripartite gift,
Over and above –
Man’s Soul does lift.

Forget gold you fools,
Focus on Eternal Salvation,
Use your tools –
To earn unceasing Jubilation.


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