TWITTER: In Six Stanzas


To be or not to be, that is the question,
To think or to stagnate, what say you?
To move or to stationary stay this bastion –
Miles ahead look and embed tons of joy too.

Whatsoever is true, good, and of grand report,
One ought to embody and think on.
Pure, clear, dear, and of expedient export –
Without leaving the visage seemingly all torn.

If to fill that run distance one managed
To rise and soar and fly evermore
Was possible the mind to get engaged –
No window, path, corridor, or tinder would dare bar the door.

Troth without malice, nor fear behest
Would shine through much unhindered,
Oh that man could conspire to heed Nature’s request!
Life for all, then, might – just might – stay so greatly uninjured.

The direction of this clear message alas!
Remains greatly obscure this very moment.
While that crystal screen polished to form clear glass –
Shines as an orb like in a gypsy’s muddied hand crafted to torment.

Every ring, ding, and dong strolls down that tiny timeline.
Stop! Drop! And roll – could it get any clearer?
Moments continue flowing like aged Bourbon wine –
Random posts and sarcastic GIFs designed to grip one ever nearer.

Rise, oh man, above that mêlée and noisy fray
Come now no raised voices shall here be heard,
Like a knighted squire bedecked, dark, and gray –
Instead Tweet, retweet, favourite, tag and join our illustrious herd.


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