Running Your Software eCommerce Affiliate Program

Use the following tips and tricks to ensure the affiliate program you created on affiliaXe works:

  1. Get Started

Running the affiliate program might prove to be time consuming and daunting if you try to do it alone. Instead, consider using affiliaXe to get started. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or you have some experience, you can be sure this platform will go a long way in getting your software ecommerce out there into the market, ensuring more people know about what you have to offer, and directing your target niche back to your website, brand, or app.

  1. Organize Your Program

You also need to lay down the rules and regulations that will govern your ecommerce software affiliate marketing program. Start by creating the T&C (Terms and Conditions) for the program. The best affiliates will review these terms and respect them for purposes of creating greater value for your app, website or brand.

You should also list the practices you don’t allow to deter fraudsters from signing up for your program. In case fraud happens, you should reverse all commissions.

  1. Recruit

Next up, you ought to start recruiting the right affiliates. The great thing about affiliaXe is that interested affiliates will apply to join your program en masse. Sift through the applicants and choose the best. You certainly don’t want to work with novices.

The hardest part is getting the attention of the best affiliates and acquiring initial contact. AffiliaXe has made all this easy and possible. Make your group excited to promote your software ecommerce app, brand, and website and offer generous commissions. This is one of the wisest investments you can make because the returns might even topple your expectations.

  1. Diversify

Most successful affiliate programs have customer demographics that perform exceptionally well. However, you need to consider all opportunities you might be missing.

To this end, your affiliate audience will determine how well you are able to reach out to the right demographic. Know your niche market, understand how they work and think, and tap into the affiliaXe network to capture this market.

Principles to Live By

Increasing sales for software ecommerce sites, brands and apps isn’t as easy as you might think. Although affiliaXe has done a lot to improve your chances of landing more customers, you still need to live by certain principles to succeed.

As a software ecommerce website owner, you should appoint affiliates from the affiliaXe platform. These affiliates already have well-established means of reaching your audience. Most of them own email marketing lists, blogs, and websites while others are great at affiliate commissioning and pay per click advertising.  To tap into their potential and increase your sales consider:

a) Helping Affiliates Earn More

When you join affiliaXe, affiliates will evaluate the program you set up. If the conversion rate on your website is poor, they will disappear. This is because their reputation is at stake whenever they promote your software ecommerce website.

Therefore, you should always ensure your website has:

– A transparent and fair returns policy

– A great software ecommerce product

– Reliable fulfillment in store for its target audience

– Gives credit where it is due

Say someone clicked on a link placed on your affiliate’s website and was directed to product X on your site. However, they didn’t make an immediate purchase. Instead, they returned a couple of days later and bought product Y. Reasonably thinking, the first visit was the reason why you sold product Y on the second visit. For all intents and purposes, therefore, always give credit to the affiliate who drove that client to you. Pay them their due commission.

b) Helping Your Affiliates Sell

Remember that different affiliates on the affiliaXe platform approach their audiences differently. Therefore, you need to provide many options that your affiliates can use to promote your software ecommerce website, brand and app. This means you have to roll out high quality articles, videos, animations and images. By so doing, the affiliates will be better placed to effectively promote what you have to offer.

c) Providing Analytics

Running a software ecommerce website means that you need business analytics. Essentially, you have to be in a position to tell your team of affiliates:

– The URLs that send the greatest traffic, and how much traffic they send

– The number of unique page views and visitors you are getting because of their efforts

– The number of chargeback and sales that you have received from their referrals

d) Helping Affiliates Access Money

AffiliaXe has one of the most effective payment systems in the affiliate marketing world. Therefore, paying your affiliates should not be all that hard. However, you still need to ensure that your affiliates can easily check how much money they have earned from you. Luckily, affiliaXe provides historic reports, and allows payouts through several methods.

e) Communicating Regularly

The relationships you build only to promote your software ecommerce website will be fickle. This is why you always need to effectively communicate with your team of affiliates either on the affiliaXe platform or on a personal level. Send out that periodic email where you can, and provide something of value that will help them help you promote your website, brand and/or apps.

Remember, if you can implement your ecommerce software affiliate marketing program right, this could prove to the best thing you do for your websites, brands, and apps. You will benefit greatly, as will the affiliates who helped you get to where you are. By rewarding the affiliates well, they will work even harder and direct more quantifiable sales over to you. What is more, the greater your earnings and profits, the better you will be able to reward your team on affiliaXe.


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