The Best Bowhunting Tips of All Time


Bowhunting will challenge you to bring out your A-game. However, to succeed, you need a number of suitable bowhunting tips. These rules of thumb and basic tenets will form the foundation of knowledge required to help you:

– Find the right bow

– Shoot it like William Tell

– Slip into the bow range of more game than you ever thought possible

In the following section, you will find such rules. Although they are not meant to form a complete list, they will give you enough information to make this season the best one of your life yet.

So, without further ado, here are the top bowhunting tips to guide you:

  1. Tune Your Equipment

Just because your bow’s pins are on does not necessarily mean that your bow is super-tuned. A field point will allow the arrow to correct itself midflight quickly. Once corrected, your bow’s shooting field points will be more accurate. So, what will happen when you attach a broadhead?

You might have notice that you need to adjust your single pin bow sight for the broadheads you are shooting. This happens because the bow might not have been tuned. As a direct result, your arrows will not fly as it would have after it has left the bow.

Even when you are using mechanical broadheads, you can be sure that they will catch the wind more than they catch a field point. This will slow down the ability of the arrow to correct itself. Therefore, when the arrow hits its target, it might still be fishtailing or porpoising depending on how it left the bow.

This happens because when the nock end of the arrow is out of line with the broadhead (at the point of impact), valuable kinetic energy will twang out of the arrow when it tries to penetrate through your quarry. It is for this specific reason that most hunters never seem to be able to get a pass through even with modern bows.

To fix this problem, you should tune your bow accordingly. After you set it up properly, paper tune it and walback tune it and it will serve you well.

  1. Understand Your Quarry and Hunting Strategies

To succeed, one of the most important of all bowhunting tips will require that you study the quarry you are looking to shoot down. Knowing what the animals are thinking about and how they are likely to behave in specific situations will give you an advantage.

Consider befriending other hunters and learning the strategies they developed during their time in the field. You should also think about looking up such books as Strategies for Whitetail Deer Hunting and Mapping Trophy Whitetails.

  1. Practice! Practice! Practice!

You should also get enough practice. One great way to do this is by shooting some 3D courses. Not only will this be good exercise during offseason, it is also one of the best ways to work on your yardage guesswork and estimation. It will also help you know how to deliver shots that really count. As you practice, convince yourself that every shot is the ultimate shot you have been waiting for.

Most of the 3D courses you practice on will also reveal to you how every decline and incline shot sends your arrow off its mark whenever you do not shoot properly. Over and above all, remember that practice always makes perfect.

  1. Check out Google Earth

Embrace technology by always going onto Google Earth and understanding how it works. When the season is ripe, you can use this application to get the bird’s eye view of the lands that you are hunting.

Google Earth is amazing because it will allow you to zoom in on every detailed imagery you can think off. It will also help you when the time comes to pick the strategic spots to place your tree stand.

What most hunters don’t know is that when you zoom in, you can even see most of the deer trails as they are marked on the field. This way, you will be able to scout from the comfort of your smartphone or computer desk.

bowhunting tips.jpg

  1. Scout Early

You should also scout your spots as early as possible – instead of waiting until the week just before the bowhunting season kicks off. Most people wait until the last minute before they start scouting their spots. Remember, deer tend to go on the alert whenever hunters start scouting before a season starts.

Instead, start in August and glass the fields. Put a couple of trail cameras all over the perimeter of the spot you intend to hunt and watch as you wait. After you locate the deer, move it and put up your stand. Then, clear the lanes and relocate the cameras to the tree stand sight.

Some weeks before the bowhunting season starts, collect the cards from the cameras and review them. You will automatically know where to go hunting when the season begins.

  1. Go with the Wind

The wind is a vital part of understanding basic bowhunting tips. Now that you have a pretty good idea about the stands that will produce, don’t mess your chances by hunting with bad winds.

Interestingly whitetail deer has 200+ million scent receptors. This is why the wrong wind will make it difficult for you to get at this prize quarry. Instead, hunt smart by going with the right wind.

  1. Use Tarsal Glands

The tarsal gland scent is the best attraction you can use. You will attract deer in droves as they try to get to your mock scrape and the tarsal juice you have sprayed on it.

  1. Look Back

You should also use the hunters’ log you recorded in the last season. This will work perfectly especially if you were able to take a detailed bowhunting log in the previous season.

The information in the log will help you know:

– The stands that saw the greatest action

– The stands that produced more deer with certain temperatures and winds

After you have located common success factors, you will be able to increase your odds by knowing the right stand to hunt.

There are tons of other bowhunting tips out there. However, the above should go a long way in improving your chances this coming season. Go through each of these tips, and ensure you have mustered them before you start preparing for the coming action.


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