Top 5 Facebook Changes and Their Business Implications

Facebook is changing, and you need to brace your business up. If you use this social media platform for marketing your business, then you are going to automatically understand how things can really change. As such, it might be hard for you to keep up with all these changes – especially when you are not sure about the sort of impact they will have on your business.

Anyway, with regards to Facebook, you cannot afford to remain ignorant. Your success will primarily depend on how informed you are. This is mostly because Facebook is one of the most powerful media you have in your marketing arsenal. Therefore, if you are not already taking advantage of what it has to offer, then chances are that your competition will soon outdo you.

The newest wave of change, to this end, will come in the latest Timeline format. Read on to find out more about the 5 changes coming to Facebook and what they actually mean for your business:

  1. The Cover

As at now, Facebook provides you with more than a small snapshot. This means that you have a large cover photo section that is formatted as a horizontal banner sitting astride your Facebook profile timeline. To show just how important the Facebook cover is, it stretches from one side of any screen to the other.

The cover image will be the first thing that anyone who visits your profile or company page will notice. As such, it is a profound marketing tool that you can use to highlight your team members, company logo, or any other image that you wish to employ to relay your corporate message.

Learn how to use the Facebook cover photo wisely.

  1. Engagement

Before these changes were adopted, customers could not send you a direct message through your fan page. However, the Timeline changes have completely done away with this. As a result, you can now easily interact with your customers. Doing so will not only give you increased customer engagement, it will also provide your marketing team with the opportunity to get more loyal and happy clients for your business.


  1. Placement

Your likes, app, and photos (among others) will be shown in the form of a banner at the top of your page, right under the Facebook cover photo. This is more visually appealing, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Move the features around and play with them to get a feel of how they look. Then, rearrange them in such a way that you will draw attention to those things that will help you improve your company’s bottom-line.

  1. Highlights 

If you want to make a major announcement or you wish to draw attention to a new deal, service or product, this change is going to come in handy. The highlight feature, basically put, will allow you to stretch the most important posts across your entire Timeline and make it stand out. As a result, people who visit your Facebook page will be able to differentiate between what is most important and what they need to act on with urgency. Needless to say, this feature will prove useful for showcasing offers, promotions, and the like.

  1. Admin Panel

The new administrative panel provided by the Facebook Timeline changes is easy to use. What is more, it comes with tons of handy features that you can use to customize your Facebook timeline to meet your unique business marketing needs.

Over and above everything else, there is more to Facebook than meets the eye. You should, to this end, understand the above changes and use them to improve your bottom-line. Remember, your competition is already doing the same – so the time to act is now.



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