Exotic Orchids in the Wild in New Guinea

Although the great majority of the exotic orchids in the wild in New Guinea are finicky, they can be tamed. The native habitat of the delicate orchids is the entire transverse from New Guinea right through to Australia. The fragrant blossoms tend to feature red orange stripping of the most beautiful of hues.

One particularly pendulous variety, the Dendrobium pierardii, has long canes and can be grown at home as long as the conditions are right. It is recommended, however, that one uses blossom booster fertilizers when the growth starts maturing.

Anyway, the exotic orchids in the wild come in almost every color imaginable. The diverse families of orchids grow naturally in a well-drained mix of fir bark or coconut husk chips.

exotic orchids.jpg

More on New Guinea’s Wild and Exotic Orchids

Fascinating and mysterious, orchids have long held a spell over humanity. Found on all continents (except Antarctica), they grow naturally in the wild in New Guinea. Today, over 30000 species have been identified. Added to these wild orchids, there are 100000+ man-made hybrids suited for homes and gardens.

The second largest genera in the world are the genus dendrobium. It has more than 1200 species in New Guinea. Some of the species have flowers that resemble insects while others look very much like the phalaenopsis orchid. In the same way, there are both tiny and large orchids. What is clear, however, is that some are pendulant while others grow upright.

In New Guinea, the flower color of the exotic orchids in the world varies to include tons of colours – ranging from shades of violet, green, yellow, orange, and pink. While some of these species keep their leaves all year round, others shed them at specific times. A number of the orchids are also delightfully fragrant while others have a delicate or an entire absence of fragrance.

exotic orchids in the wild.jpg

Still, it is clear that New Guinea is at the core of the natural distribution of exotic orchids in the world. Although the preferred habitat for wild orchids ranges from the South Pacific islands and extends to Japan, Samoa, Australia, and India, a number of the species are to be found at higher elevations where the temperatures are cooler.

In the wild, the dendrobium variety grows as an epiphyte attached to tree branches. This location is suitable because it allows them to receive dappled sunlight as well dilute natural fertilizing solutions during the rainy season. It is also perfect because it allows for the ample movement of air around the leaves and the roots, thereby leading to more vigorous growth.

In the appropriate conditions, all of these exotic orchids from New Guinea can grow successfully in the home environment. A large number of the hybrids are actually suited for the sunroom and windowsill culture.

Growing Exotic Orchids at Home

To grow them successfully, it is vital that one tries to emulate – as much as possible – the conditions that exotic orchids in the wild are accustomed to. A popular media for these New Guinea orchids is comprised of fir bark or medium sized coconut husk chips with sponge rock. These ingredients are all available at any local garden center and should be considered. This is especially on the account of the fact that tropical orchids hardly ever do well in soil based mixes.

It is also highly recommended that you grow them in clay pots. This is because such containers are porous and allow the plants to grow. Of course, you should allow the medium to dry within reason. You can also use other types of pots so long as they will allow for sufficient drainage to ensure that the orchid roots are not too wet for extended breadths of time.

exotic orchids in New Guinea.jpg

While growing hybrids and dendrobium species ensure that they are outside. In early summer or late spring, place your orchids outside in an area with proper air movement and good light. Alternatively, consider hanging them up on a tree especially for the varieties with a pendulant form. In the same way, consider placing those orchids that grow upright on a stand.

Over and above everything else, remember that exotic orchids in the wild are pretty free and grow naturally. Therefore, you should ensure that they are provided with shade during the hottest parts of the day. Water them at least twice every week and they should be able to come up beautifully.


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