The Importance of Social Media Optimization

Online marketing is all about visibility and awareness. More often than not, people find your business online in any of the following ways:

– They know about your company already and look for you online

– You are recommended or mentioned by another person/website

– Your company website/social media presence comes up on the first page of search engine results

Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, is a set of strategies adopted to attract more people to a website through the improvement of the site’s rank on search engines. Social media optimization services, also referred to as social media optimization services, can be a part of SEO. However, they go a long way in contributing to the above ways in which people discover you on the internet.


Introduction to Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO is focused on the growing importance of social networks to business. This area of optimization specifically deals with the enhancement of a company’s online presence and reputation through such interactive communities as social media platforms, forums, blogs, and anywhere where your website/business is linked to or mentioned socially.

Contracting social media optimization services, to this end, will not only strengthen your brand and increase sales, it will also boost your visibility and generate leads for your business. Getting your social media optimized will also build trust for and familiarity with your business. This is because consumers will see you getting mentioned and recommended by others.

How Important is Social Media Optimization?

Everyone worth their salt in the marketing industry knows that SEO is vital to the marketing of brands. However, very few understand the reasons why they ought to start investing in social media optimization services.

While it is already important, recent developments in the online marketing industry mean that social media optimization is going to become more crucial for promoting businesses. Read on to learn more between the interchanges between social media optimization and search engine optimization.

How Do SMO and SEO Compare?

  1. Similarities between SMO and SEO

Social media optimization proves to search engines that a website is providing valuable information and content to users. Similarly, when you undertake SMO, more social media users will be engaging with you and sharing your content. As a result, you will get more authority in your industry and search engines will start ranking you higher. Therefore, social media optimization is highly important to SEO.

  1. Differences between SMO and SEO

However, there are also differences between SMO and SEO. With regards to marketing your business online, raising awareness and visibility is vital. This is effected through both SMO and SEO.

Whereas SEO refers to the strategies adopted with the aim of attracting more people to a website by improving its search engine rank, SMO is one of these strategies. As such, adopting SMO will contribute to the ways through which people discover your business on the internet.

How Does SMO Work?

SMO will have you promoting your brand and carving out a reputation and presence for it on the internet. This means that it involves marketing your company on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as on forums and blogs.

Hiring a company that offers excellent social media optimization services, therefore, will not only strength your brand’s online presence, it will also boost its overall visibility. As a direct result, it will ensure that you are always generating new clients and increasing your sales.

SMO will also boost your company’s online credibility by building increasingly interactive relationships with your potential customers. Additionally, your target market will also be able to see your company being recommended by others within their immediate network – which will serve to create trust for you.

However, when engaging in social media optimization, you need to understand that the internet can get chaotic. This is why so many people are complaining of information overload with regards to the searching for things on the internet.

To this end, you need to cut through all this noise and adopt unique strategies that will help you reach your target market faster and in a more impactful way. This means that you ought to get social media optimization services that will provide you with a personal touch. The services will also get your company using its social media presence to carve out a unique personality to it. This personality will resonate well with your target market, and help attract more people to buy your products/services.

Things to Avoid with SMO 

Most businesses are wrong in thinking that having many links scattered across the different social platforms will contribute to their social media optimization. Others join all Facebook pages and Google+ communities for purposes of seeding links to their content. None of these is useful – in fact these strategies might prove to be counterproductive to your efforts.

The importance of the social media optimization services you contract will start being visible once you learn how to have meaningful conversations with your target market. You will also start building an online community of followers and fans.

These fans and followers will be rubbed the wrong way if they see you scattering links all over indiscriminately. Such a strategy lacks the personal touch they are looking for. Some of them might even end up unfollowing you, and this will drive down your brand’s authority.

Optimize Social Media.jpg

Unique SMO Strategies to Adopt 

To improve your business’ social media optimization, focus on participation and engagement.

a) Engagement

Engagement will have you connecting with your followers and fans on a personal level. You will also build a community of vested, interested members who will share and respond to your social updates. This will only happen when the social media optimization services you contact produce high quality relevant content for you.

b) Participation

Participation, on the other hand, will have you taking part – in an active way – in social media discussions. You will also respond personally and directly to any follower who reaches out to you.

For participation and engagement to be done professionally, you need to invest intensely in time and energy. There is no magic formula with regards to engagement because every community and individual is unique. As such, you have to adopt a different approach when engaging with every person you come across online.

However, these strategies can involve the following:

– Sparking conversations

– Responding to comments

– Implementing your followers’/fans’ ideas into your service or product

– Sharing relevant, interesting content

Concluding Thoughts

All of above will be effected through the social media optimization services you get. IN the long run, you are going to enjoy an increase in the number of people following your brand online, as well as your company’s social media authority. Get started today and enjoy a stronger social media presence, increased traffic to your website, and overall enthusiasm for your brand.


The Website Group Infographic“Social Media in the News 2016 – 2017” – an infographic by the team at The Website Group


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