Badland Winch Review


Need information about the Badland Winch? Then you have come to the right place. By reading this Badland Winch review, you are going to understand everything there is to know about the product – including the good, the bad, and the overall verdict.

The company has been manufacturing different products since it was established. Today, it has fine-tuned its process to come up with amazingly handy tools that you will find useful in your journeys on the road. As you will learn from this Badland Winch 12000 review, there is more to the product than meets the eye.

Badland tests its tools in its own state of the art laboratories before releasing them into the market. It puts the tools through various punishing tests, most of which exceed the strains of ordinary use. By so doing, it ensures that the tools perform to the highest levels imaginable. They also stay tough over the long haul. With regards to quality, therefore, the company has been walking the talk – what with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, the lifetime warranty on hand-held tools, and the no-hassle return policy.

As you will discern from any Badland Winch review out there, this is the best tool to help you recover your off road motor vehicle, get it over tough terrain, and load a boat easily. The powerful electric mechanism as well as its great towing capacity means that you get to automatically load anything safely and easily.

Today, the Badland Winch ranks among the most essential of electric tools for the off road novice as well as for the expert. For instance, it has a remote switch that makes its operation all the easier. This will come in handy, therefore, when you are on the road traveling on your own.

Product Benefits

The Badland Winch comes with a number of benefits, making it an excellent tool for off-road travel. It ranks among the best in its class, which is why so many people prefer getting their winches from Badland. Other benefits include:

  1. a) Functionality

This excellent winch works perfectly irrespective of what you would like to do with it. Even though you have to pay extra attention to its duty cycle rating, using it is easy if you pretense the cable around the spool according to the manufacturer’s direction.

  1. b) Great for Emergency

Stuck on your own by the roadside? Pull out your Badland Winch and get back on the road in a couple of easy steps. As one of the best buys in the market, it will serve you well for many years to come.

  1. c) Affordability

Unlike other electric winches in its class, the Badland Winch is pretty affordable. When you compare its price to those of its competitors, you can be sure that you will almost always prefer the Badland. This is because it provides the greatest value for money without being too hard on the pocket.

Product Specifications 

With the Badland Winch, you will get to enjoy the following product features:

– It comes with a motor that is wound in series and which will remain cool even during a long pull

– It has a 3 stage planetary gear system that provides fast line speeds

– To maximize safety, the Badland Winch features an automatic load holding brake

– You’ll also get free spooling with this product for purposes of faster line outs

– There’s a power in and power out mechanism for positive load control

– It comes with an ergonomic remote control for easier operation of the winch

– The roller fairlead has nylon bushing

– The wire rope is in the aircraft-grade

Product Concerns

Like with any other electrical product in the market, the Badland Winch has raised some concerns. Most of these are not that serious and consumers have been able to overcome them with relative ease. These include:

  1. a) The Cable

The cable on the winch sometimes does not remain tightly wound around the drum. However, you can correct this issue with the spring loaded tension-er.

Online Badland Review Findings  

From most of the Badland Winch reviews posted online, this is an excellent product. Almost everyone who has used it agrees that it is strong, sturdy, reliable, and the perfect companion for off-road travel. The general consensus, therefore, is that every driver ought to have this winch in their vehicle. Some mention that it might not be the most heavy-duty winch but since you’ll only need a couple of times every year, it is a handy tool.


Based on my findings from reading various Badland Winch reviews posted online, I would give this winch a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The electric mechanism, the remote control capability, and its overall strength and capacity work perfectly. Although some users say that its cable isn’t steady, the Badland Winch functions perfectly in most cases.



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