Lively and Reynolds’ Kids Public Debut

The celebrity couple has, in the past, shied away from bringing their family into the limelight. They made an exception at this LA event.

The Reynolds are finally here! For the first time ever, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds appeared in public with their entire family. This was in celebration of Reynolds’ newly-minted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Although the wildly-private A-list couple has always kept their children out of the spotlight, Lively and Reynolds picked this picture-perfect opportunity for their cute little ones to make their public debut.

The world famous actor acknowledged his family when he was handed the mic. He started by thanking his wife for being the “best thing to ever happen to me.” Looking handsome in his 3-piece suit, Reynolds further added that Lively makes everything in his life better. He also attested to the fact that his wife had given him the “most incredible children I have ever hoped to have.”

Shortly after the moving speech, Lively and her cute daughters joined the proud celebrity dad for a photo op. She was dressed in a flowing blue dress and colorful heels. The toddler, James, seemed a bit distracted by the microphone that she managed to get her hands on.

Although the Gossip Girl actress tried to make her daughter stand still for the portrait, the curly-haired toddler was clearly fascinated more by the microphone. The exchange ended up igniting some guffaws from the watching crowd.

The second daughter – whose name remains unknown – was calm the entire time. To further keep her away from the spotlight, the couple is yet to reveal her name. She was dressed in a gray two-piece and drifted from one loving parent to the next during the event.

James, on the other hand, is yet to hit 2 but her appearance still made a statement for Lively’s reserved fashion sense. She showed up to the event dressed in tights, a polka dot shirt, dinosaur-print jacket, and mini Converse.

The family looked so adorable that Anna Faris quipped she might just take them all home later.

In the past, the celebrity couple has shied away from the public eye – especially where their children are concerned. However, this did not stop the tots from stealing the show when the entire family appeared together yesterday in Los Angeles.

At the event, the 40-year old Deadpool star was joined by his 29-year old wife as he received the honor of joining the most elite of names in Hollywood. This was in celebration of his getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Soon after their arrival, attention quickly turned to the beautiful family. The pair seemed to be beaming as they debuted their young ones for the first time on the red carpet.

The toddler, however, stole the show. It was clear that she has taken after her parents, all the while playing up to the crowd around her. While the family portrait was being taken, for instance, she grabbed her famous-father’s microphone and danced around the red carpet, entertaining the audience as a born-natural entertainer.



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