Calisthenics Workout Plan For Beginners

Are you new to calisthenics? Looking for inspiration to get you started on the right path? Well, you have come to the right place. With this guide, you will get the calisthenics workout plan that is specifically tailored to you, a beginner. Read on to learn more:

baristi workout.jpg

What It Is

Basically, calisthenics is a fitness regimen that focuses on the use of personal bodyweight with minimal equipment. As such, the exercises will employ the body’s natural motions – such as jumping, pushing, and pulling – to work out and tone your muscles while improving your cardiovascular endurance. Examples of the exercises involved in the basic calisthenics workout plan for beginners, therefore, include crunches, squats, dips, pushups, and pull ups.

One thing to note about calisthenics is that it has been performed by humanity since the beginning of time. The word itself is derived from the Greek kallos for beauty and sthenos for strength. This hints at the long history the exercises have had with people.

NOTE: It is important to keep in mind that beginners often have a hard time doing the full repetition numbers described below. That shouldn’t deter you, however, from doing as many as you possibly can. It is okay to do fewer repetitions so long as you keep pushing yourself and your body until the fitness gains become more apparent.

So, without further ado, let us jump right into the basic calisthenics workout plan for beginners:

  1. Modified Baristi Workout

The version described here is slightly easier than the actual Baristi workout. However, it is similar in more ways than one to the Advanced Beginner Version. The only change is in the rep numbers, which are lower.


To effect this workout, therefore, do the following reps:

– 5 to 8 Negative Chin-ups OR a Static Hold

– 5 to 8 incline push-ups

– 10 leg raises

– 5 to 8 inverted rows

– 5 to 8 bench dips

– 10 to 15 squats

Take 90 seconds off to rest in between these exercises. You should also do 2 cycles of this workout.

  1. Al Kavadlo’s 5 by 5 Beginner Workout

This part of the calisthenics workout plan is named after Al Kavadlo, one of the better known of calisthenics experts and trainers in the world. This workout is simple and complete. However, if you have a hard time doing the 5 reps in full, don’t worry. Instead, try to do as many as your body can handle. With time, you will be able to complete the entire beginner routine.


– 5 Australian pull ups

– 5 Lying Knee Tucks

– 5 Split Squats for each leg

– 5 Pushups OR the greatest number of knee pushups you can manage if the normal pushups prove to be too difficult for you to handle

Like with the regimen above, you should take some time off to rest in between the exercises. Ideally, the rest period should be as long as it will take you to switch from one exercise to the next position.

Start with one cycle. When the exercises get easier for you, do up to 3 cycles with 1 to 2 minutes of rest in between each cycle.

  1. The Pushup Progression Routine

Before you progress to full pushups, start out with knee pushups. The Pushup progression routine was designed by one of the most popular of fitness gurus in calisthenics, Scooby1961.

The route is tailored in such a way that you can progress from your beginner status to an expert by doing fully fledged pushups over a month or two. When you start out, do the following:

pushup progression.png

– 20 counter pushups for 5 sets for a total of 100 push-ups. Ensure you take 2 minutes to rest between each set

Repeat this procedure until your body is ready to progress from counter pushups to knee pushups. For the ideal beginner, this progression will take a couple of weeks, so don’t rush it.

– Next up, do 20 knee pushups for 5 sets. Make sure you rest for 2 minutes in between each set.

After your body adapts to the knee pushups, make a switch to the 3rd stage of the progression – a mixture between knee pushups and normal pushups.

– Do as many normal pushups as your body can handle for every set. Then, do the rest of the 20 pushups while on your knees. Remember to do 5 sets in total with 2 minutes of rest in between every set.

Repeat this workout about 3 times every week. By so doing, your muscles will get enough time to relax and get back to normalcy.

  1. The Pull-up Progression Routine

This is another of the essentials to any calisthenics workout plan for beginners. It is great for working your way up until you are able to do full chin-ups and pull-ups. A chin up is quite similar to a pull-up. However, you will place your palms facing toward your body while executing the movements.


For most people, chin-ups are easier to do. This is because they are more effective at targeting different muscles on the body. To effect this part of the routine, do the following:

a) Bodyweight Rows

These will comprise the first phase of the routine. Use a metallic bar at your local playground/park or a table if you are exercising from home. Lie under the table or bar and pull yourself up. To make the exercise easier, bend your legs and use them to support your body.

Repeat this routine 6 to 8 times for a total of 4 row sets. You should also rest for 1 to 2 minutes before moving on to the next set.

After a couple of weeks of this routine, your body will be strong enough for you to progress to the normal pull-up position.

b) Static Bar Hold

Buy or build a bar at home or find one in your local playground/park. With the pacing towards your body and apart for about the width of your shoulders, get up on the bar with the head right above it. You can try the jumping motion to get to the top easier, or by using a bar that is a bit lower than normal. Then, with the arms flexed, hold onto the bar for around 10 seconds before coming back down.

Repeat this rep 8 times with 15 to 30 seconds of rent between each set. In case you are able to, do the entire cycle with 1 to 2 minutes of rest.

c) Negative Chin-ups/Pull-Ups

Then, move on to negative chin-ups/pull ups. The only difference here is that you will do slow movements away from the bar. Do this 5 times with 10 seconds of rest in between each rest for a total of 15 negative pull-ups/chin-ups.

calisthenics workout plan.jpg


If you intend to use this calisthenics workout plan for beginners to lose weight, try and reduce the rest periods to a bare minimum. The circuit workouts will work better when the rest times are minimal. Otherwise, progress with the workout plan and watch as your body transforms into that of a Greek god/goddess.



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