Cask Craft Brews in Washington DC Bars and Restaurants

Several Washington DC bars and restaurants serve cask craft brews. Each of these brewpubs and breweries will give you the treatment you are looking for. Whereas some serve artisan brews in flutes, goblets, and snifters for sophisticated sips, others prefer the time-tested pint.

Following below is a list of the best spots to grab cask craft brews in Washington:

  1. Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Apart from its diverse whiskey collection, Jack Rose also boasts an extensive selection of craft beers. In fact, the beer menu might prove to be a bit overwhelming for newbies. The list of 40+ beers served at bar includes a couple of light options, sour beers, ciders, barrel-aged suds, and vintage brews.

What is more, the menu has been arranged according to such taste profiles as sweet, dark, and bitter. Before you commit, ask for a sample to discover your drink of choice – it is highly encouraged.

  1. ChurchKey

Nestled right above the Birch and Barley restaurant is ChurchKey. This particular joint has 500+ varieties of cask craft brews on offer. Unlike other average brew-houses, ChurchKey boasts a bustling crowd, sculptural light fixtures, and shiny wood floors – all of which complete the drinking experience.

  1. Roofers Union

For a college experience, head over to Roofers Union. The 3-floor spot offers an experience that is over and beyond the typical college party feel though. On the first floor bar, you will have a great time if you are looking to drink casually and sample such bar snacks as cheese Whiz and andouille corn dog.

The second floor, on the other hand, is the most striking. It comes with a display of age-old coveralls draping the walls and floor to ceiling windows. Here, small plates are served with popular offerings as fudge sundaes, pretzels, and sweetbread po’ boy. This bar also has 22 draft beers on its menu.

  1. Meridian Pint

Pint is the mainstay at this Columbia Heights bar. As such, the Meridian showcases brews that are largely American-made, which represent some of the most innovative microbreweries you’ll ever come across.

As such, you are certainly to get your fill of cask craft brews from the 100-strong bottle list and 24 taps at Meridian Pint. There’s also tons of window seating in the space above if you are looking to people-watch while sipping on your liquor.

So, there you have it – a list of some of the more noticeable Washington DC bars and restaurants serving cask craft brews. New microbreweries are opening up every other week meaning that you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a spot to indulge your search for special beers and pints.


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