Effectiveness of Liquid Magnesium: Capsules vs Topical Application

Topical magnesium is used to deliver minerals through the skin and to the body. Although it might seem new and mysterious, it based on both cutting-edge science and age-old principles.

Studies on Topical Magnesium Intake

Research documented on the effectiveness of liquid magnesium show varied results. More particularly, science has proved that liquid magnesium, when applied topically, leads to an improvement in blood chemistry.

A study conducted at the University of Birmingham showed that 1% of liquid magnesium in a warm bath led to immediate uptake as well as an increase in the serum levels of the mineral in participants.

Another Polish study carried out to address the contentious issue of ion diffusion through the skin. Through ion chromatography, the researchers involved were able to demonstrate in vitro that magnesium, a metal cation, does diffuse well through the human skin.

Absorption of Liquid Magnesium

Whether applied topically or through capsules, liquid magnesium is easily absorbed by the body. Medicines enter the body in different ways, and are absorbed by traveling from the administration site and into the main circulation system.

The biggest hurdle to any drug occurs during the absorption stage. Those taken orally in the form of capsules are shuttled through special blood vessels connecting the liver and the digestive tract. A large amount of these medications ends up getting destroyed by the body’s metabolic enzymes during the first pass effect stage.

Other drug administration methods bypass the liver. Instead, they permeate the bloodstream directly through or from the lungs and/or the skin. Studies show that these are more effective, meaning that topical applications of liquid magnesium should be the preferred mode of absorption.

Anyway, even with topical applications, the surface area, the time during which the chemical is on the skin, and the concentration of the liquid magnesium applied all have a bearing on the rate of absorption into the bloodstream. This means that an increase in the concentration leads to a simultaneous increase in the total amount of magnesium absorbed into the body through the skin.

Similarly, the skin’s physical condition is another significant variable to consider when the topical administration of liquid magnesium is opted for. The skin of a child or an infant, to this end, is more permeable than that of an adult.

In the same way, the skin over certain organs is more permeable than over others. In increasing order, these organs include the legs, the arms, the trunk, the neck and the head, and the genitals.

Benefits and Effectiveness of Liquid Magnesium

An essential mineral, magnesium plays a variety of crucial roles in improving the health of the partakers. Supplementing your diet with magnesium taken orally or applied topically, therefore, will compensate for those times you do not get enough magnesium from your foods. By so doing, you will be able to stave off an unhealthy deficiency.

According to Consumer Reports, liquid magnesium is easier to swallow or apply topically in comparison to that taken as capsules or magnesium tablets. By so doing, you should be able to enjoy the following benefits:

Functions of Magnesium in the Body

Topical application of liquid magnesium will maintain healthy levels of the mineral in the body. This will eventually prove essential for overall good health since magnesium plays several important roles in the body.

Apart from aiding the metabolism of nutrients such as carbs and fats and their conversion to energy, liquid magnesium is also used in the creation of DNA. The mineral is useful because it improves cell communication, regulates the release of the parathyroid hormone, and controls ion support for proper nerve, muscle, and heart function.

Other benefits of taking liquid magnesium topically include:

a) Improved Bone Health

The bones contain hydroxypatite, a mineral complex that makes them resistant to damage and hard. Alongside phosphate and calcium, magnesium is the other main component of this complex.

Taking liquid magnesium improve the density of this bone mineral, enables the body fight osteoporosis, and ensures good bone health overall.

b) Reduced Depression

Magnesium supplements like liquid magnesium are useful for persons with depression. A scientific review paper published in Medical Hypotheses in 2010 shows that failure to take in enough of the mineral through one’s diet leads to or worsens depression. When the mineral travels up to the brain, it increases the level of serotonin – a feel good chemical that promotes proper mental health and reduces chances of being depressed.

Both human and animal studies have time and time again found that the topical application of liquid magnesium relieves depression – including particular cases that have resisted other treatments.

Topical Application vs Capsules

From the paragraphs above, it is clear that liquid magnesium is highly beneficial for proper health. Most consumers, however, are faced with the dilemma of having to make a choice between capsules and the topical application of this supplement.

A small, albeit steadily growing, body of research shows that transdermal supplements (liquid magnesium sprays) applied to the skin work infinitely better than capsules and oral supplements.

Dr. Dendy Engelman, a certified dermatologist, has even proved that the mineral is more effectively absorbed into the body through direct contact with the skin. He reports that topical magnesium additionally keeps the skin flexible and hydrated.

According to Joshua Zeichner, a certified dermatologist, adds that magnesium studied in the lab was found to be effective in break apart different oils and fats. This perhaps explains its unique benefit in the reduction of skin oiliness. The dermatologist also reports that liquid magnesium is effective in improving sleep quality and alleviating anxiety. Therefore, from his research, it is reasonably-believable that magnesium improves such skin disorders as rosacea and acne.

Apart from proving beneficial for overall skin health, liquid magnesium that is applied topically leads to greater protein synthesis, detoxification, and energy production in the body. It keeps the heart beating normally and the nervous system and muscles working properly. Additionally, it promotes a healthy immune system, all the while maintaining strong, healthy teeth and bones, as well as regulating the levels of sugar in the bloodstream.

Concluding Thoughts

Transdermal or topical applications of liquid magnesium are the best option. Although magnesium absorbed orally in the form of capsules is also effective, it is not quite as effective as that applied topically. This happens to be the case on account of the fact that when the mineral is applied on the skin, it is easily absorbed and taken up by cells thereby bypassing the digestive system.


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