Top 4 Psychological Marketing Tactics for 2017

One of the keys to excellent marketing skills is the understanding of why and how people act and think the way they do. Unless you know what compelling marketing truly means, creating the content and crafting the strategy to accomplish your goals will be difficult.

Therefore, before jumping into the tactical aspects of marketing, you first need to improve your understanding of human psychology and how people operate. Understanding a couple of key psychological principles will ensure that your marketing efforts and campaigns scale up from the average to the excellent. It will also put you in front of the right audience you are targeting, further helping you convert more people.

To help you attract, compel, convince, and convert more of your target viewers/market, you should understand the following psychological marketing tactics:

  1. Colour

Colour plays a great role in our social behavior. As an online marketer, therefore, you should not underestimate its role in the context of marketing. A review of color psychology by Satyendra Singh, for instance, found that people tend to decide whether they will buy a product within the first 90 seconds after they see it. What is more, 62 to 90% of this decision is solely based on color.

Therefore, you need to understand how to use color to influence feelings and mood all the while setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition. Colours will also prove powerful in your marketing efforts.

However, there is no clear consensus on the colours you should be using – otherwise every website out there would be in the same color. Your use and combination of colours will help you outperform other websites once you master how to make your website appealing, trustworthy, and of a high authority.

If possible, therefore, consider hiring a color consultant anytime you need to change the design of your website, logo, graphics, or any other visual marketing tool you are using. Their services will prove worth the time/money you spent.

  1. Options

Ever sat down to place an order for a delivery and felt swamped by the options? This is the same experience most people get when they have to make a decision that involves too much leeway.

Studies conducted on the matter have actually found that fewer options often lead to higher conversions. Therefore, as you continue working on your marketing strategy, you need to reduce the options provided by your website and other platforms your company is on.

  1. Attractiveness

Study after study continue showing that attractiveness is a quality deeply embedded as a great value in the human brain. Not only does beauty increase trust and likeability, it also makes it easier for people to warm up to the object/individual in question.

In terms of website design and online branding, therefore, you should always stick to beauty’s conventional rules. According to the Golden Ratio, you need to find the divine proportion to ensure that everything is perfectly aligned and complemented.

Following this rule will help you determine the line heights, margins, column widths, proportions, and font sizes that are the most visually appealing. Understanding the basic rules of beauty and applying them to your website will go a long way in helping your marketing efforts achieve the goals they set out for – increasing conversions, raising your returns on investment, helping you get more people to buy your products/services, and keeping people coming back to your website for more.

  1. Urgency and Scarcity

In Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, one needs to invoke a sense of urgency and scarcity through the manipulation of time. Where online marketing is concerned, this means that you might want to consider providing limited-time offers, or reduce the number of tickets that are left for the event you are organizing.

The Traffic and Conversion Summit, for instance, offers a limited number of highly discounted tickets within a given timeframe before the prices shoot up to the full price. This creates an artificial sense of scarcity and urgency, influencing more people to buy the early bird tickets as fast as possible.

Another of the greatest examples of the use of urgency and scarcity as a psychological marketing tactic was on Black Friday. Findings show that 25 to 27 retailers tend to list a minimum of one of their products with a price identical to ad they used the previous year for Black Friday.

This example shows just how powerful scarcity truly is when thousands of people are caught up in the hysteria that what they are looking to buy will be sold out before they get to it. So powerful is this feeling that people are even willing to pay for older models at the same price.

Concluding Thoughts

There are tons of other psychological hacks that one can apply to their online marketing strategy. Increasing your knowledge of the human mind, and improving your understanding of how and why people do the things they do will go a long way in carving out a niche for your company – one that other companies will have a hard time getting through. In time, your popularity will increase, more people will prefer your product/service offerings, and the entire market will literally form your oyster in which to operate.

Over and above everything else, understanding and applying the psychological marketing tactics listed above – or any others that you might have heard of or read about – is the secret to the success of your marketing efforts. Irrespective of the online marketing strategy you adopt, as long as it abides by the timeless rules of human psychology, you are going to win 100% of the time. Try out a couple of the hacks described above and observe the changes you will be able to make.



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