3 Ways to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

If you constantly find yourself thinking negatively, chances are that your life isn’t quite panning out the way you envisioned. Negative people, the distractions of daily routine, and a number of other external brain drainers will leave you feeling helpless, negative, and hopeless. This is why you need to learn how to train your brain to stay positive even in the light of the greatest adversity imaginable.

In the current society, we are constantly bombarded by negative news. We see scary stories on the news, murders on television, and the general feeling that the world is completely upside down. As a direct result, it is far easier to think negatively than it is to maintain a sunny outlook on the greater scheme of things.

Fortunately, you are not doomed by a natural disposition towards these negative thoughts. With the right advice, skills, and training, you should be able to break out of your atypically negative loop. By so doing, you will get to rewire your brain to start thinking more positively.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of tips to help you train your brain to remain positive even in the most negative of situations:

  1. Practice Gratitude

The first step towards retraining your brain towards positivity will have you cultivating an attitude of great gratitude. You ought to be doing everything in your power to contemplate on those aspects of life that you are actually grateful for if this strategy is to work.

Scientific research from the University of California, Davis actually discovered that those who work hard at cultivating this attitude and practicing gratitude eventually ended up experiencing greater life energy, improved moods, and substantially less anxiety. This arises from the fact that remaining grateful reduces cortisol, the stress hormone in the brain, by 23%.

  1. Identify Positivity

When you snap your brain out of negative, self-defeating thoughts, you will be better placed to retrain your brain until it automatically starts focusing on the positive aspects about life.

However, you first have to give your originally-wondering brain a dose of help in the process. Start by consciously selecting something extremely positive and wonderful to think about.

At this point, just about any positive thought imaginable will help you refocus your brain’s attention. When things are going according to plan and your mood is in a grand place, this is easy to achieve. Not so when the outlook is bad and your brain is filled with negativity.

In the toughest of circumstances, therefore, identify at least one positive thing that has happened in the recent past – irrespective of how small this might be. The point of this exercise is to be able to shift your full attention to something positive whenever your brain starts drifting towards the negative.

The positive thoughts you identify should be your focal point until you feel well enough to face the challenge you just encountered. Allowing yourself to enjoy positive thoughts freely will help you learn how to train your brain in that line.

  1. Fact vs Fiction

Perhaps one of the most important of the tactics you can use to learn how to think positively revolves around halting negativity right in its tracks. Ruminating on negative thoughts will only add to their power and influence in your life.

Considering how the Law of Attraction works, you can be sure that negative thoughts will attract negative things, situations, relationships, and outcomes into your life. Therefore, you need to know when to switch from these thoughts to something more positive.

Whenever you find yourself thinking about pessimistic and negative things, train your inner voice to force you to stop. After taking a step back from these negatives, your brain will slow down and you’ll be better placed to think rationally and positively.

Remember, however, that the brain has a natural tendency towards threat. As such, it tends to inflate the perceived severity or frequency of any given event. By identifying your thoughts and labeling them as just that – thoughts – will separate them from actual fact. This outlook will prove powerful when you need to automatically escape from the cycle of ugly negativity and adopt a positive outlook.

Additional Tips

There are tons of other tips and tricks you can use to steer your brain towards positive thoughts especially when you faced by the challenges that life tends to through our way. All of these tips are effective, particularly after you practice them regular enough that they naturally become a part of who you are and how you think.

Consider the following additional strategies to help you replace negativity with positivity every time this is required:

– Spend your time with supportive people

– Always have a mantra to live by each day

– Disregard every negative thoughts that wafts its way into your brain

– Take the time to do small acts of kinds for others

– Focus on eating, drinking, and sleeping well for optimal brain functioning

– Work towards improving your inner healing and wellness

– Always remain grateful irrespective of the situation you are in

– Critically observe your thoughts, particularly by practicing yoga and meditation

– Stay active throughout the day

– Center your life on your aims, goals, and purposes

– Train your subconscious mind to ALWAYS think positively

– Transform every negative you encounter into a positive

– Follow your passion instead of focusing on the money

Concluding Thoughts

The tips provided above might sound primal and incredibly basic. However, after you practice them enough time and they become a part of your natural personality, you will start understanding just how tremendous their power truly is.

Repeating the strategies outlined in this guide will always train your brain to automatically switch to the positive and to focus on the good. Additionally, it will break your old negative habits after you force yourself to follow the advice we’ve outlined here.

In conclusion, although the mind has a natural tendency to drift towards the easiest thing to do (in this case, negative thoughts), you can train it. Forcing yourself to focus on the positive, even in the most negative of situations, will eventually become second nature.


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