5 Habits That Will Destroy Your Life

Most people doing certain things that make them unhappy, unfulfilled, irritable, and easily broken. This is because the daily habits you adopt will eventually define who you are as a person, as well as the lifestyle you lead.

Practically speaking, everyone is comprised of what they do. As Winston Churchill once remarked, success is never final nor is failure fatal. What counts, rather, is the courage and fortitude to continue.

In the same way, life will bring a number of low points and defeats. This means that failure is just something everyone in the world needs to learn how to deal with. The problems you encounter, therefore, will either make you stronger and more successful, or they will weaken your spirit and turn you into a total failure.

If you recently failed and feel tempted to give up, fight that urge. Although there are obstacles to overcome, we have a handy guide that you can use to break those bad habits that threaten to destroy your life.

Remember, life will always present a way out for every problem you encounter. The daily habits you have formed, to this end, can either turn you into a victim to life or a victor of it.

Eradicate the following poor habits in your life and watch as you start growing, thriving, overcoming, and succeeding in ways you never thought possible:

  1. Negative Thinking

Most people destroy their lives by allowing outside circumstances to determine their actions and their level of happiness. This leeway you provide will prove destructive especially with regards to embracing negative thoughts instead of their positive counterparts.

Negative thinking actually reflects a deep-seated lack of confidence in yourself. You also fail to trust that everything is working towards your good in the greater scheme of life. As a direct result, your appreciation and enjoyment of all the excellent aspects, people, and situations that life has tossed to you will get distorted. You will also start feeling like a victim on the journey to an ultimately unhappy and sad existence.

Thoughts, however, do not just happen. They are created in our brains when we think about there. This means that you have the power to direct your thoughts – either towards the negative or the positive.

When anything upsetting happens, you should focus on adopting positive thoughts to fight off your natural tendency towards ill feeling and negativity. Instead of whining about just how bad the situation is, make all attempts to think thoughts that force you to see things from a positive angle.

Shifting your thoughts from negativity to hopeful positivity will eventually help you attract positive things in to your life. Remember, to bounce back from negative experiences will typically have you shifting your thought processes to things that actually make you feel a little better. Practice this tactic enough times and you will build up and develop your ideal life, instead of destroying it.

  1. Inability to Forgive

An inability to forgive will also contribute towards the destruction of your life – both literally and figuratively. A good example of this would be when two business partners disagree when one errs. The inability of one to forgive the other will eventually lead them to break up the company into two smaller agencies. This will split the company’s overall income, alienate some customers, and reduce their individual abilities to serve the market as well as they used to. At the end of it all, larger companies might end up gobbling both up, leaving the owners without the original business they used to operate so efficiently until forgiveness became too great a matter to handle.

Often, it is easy to think that you have a right to be bitter and angry at people because they deserve it. These thoughts emanate from our focus on what the other person/people did to us – hurt us, cheated on us, stressed us out, or gave us pain.

The result from this line of thinking is that you store up bitterness and an inability to forgive.  However, bitterness, resentment and failure to forgive do not hurt your intended victim. They will eventually hurt you and your life.

Bitterness needs to be fed with time and reason. The next time, you will start taking time and reason out of your family or work just so that you can feed this bitterness and resentment.

The black hole of unforgiveness will suck the life right out you. Instead of generating protection, it stifles your brain and heart – knocking out love, grace, and the spirit of reconciliation. At some point, you will be required to either kill the bitterness or end your relationship with the person who caused you some harm or other. Here, you’ll choose to leave the person, further destroying your life.

  1. Hiding from Problems

Another terrible habit that you can adopt is hiding from your problems. Most people do this using social media, alcohol, and friends thinking that their problems will just dissipate into the air.

Being hooked to technology will distract your mind from the real issues going on in your life. If you fail to talk about what you are going through and find a solution to your problems, nothing will ever change. Rather, you will continue digging yourself deeper into that cesspool the problems will most likely create.

Social media networks, in particular, will eventually destroy your life unless you know how to use them for some form of good – such as marketing your business or connecting with friends from school.  When overused, these networks will harm your productivity and distract you from the problems you are going through.

To ensure that this does not happen, always learn how to log out of anything that might prevent you from dealing with a problem. Lost a loved one? Grieve, think about them, mourn them, and continue with life knowing that death is all too natural. Lost a job? Instead of drowning your sorrow with alcohol, focus your energies on finding the next one or starting a new business.

There is always a solution for every problem life throws in your face. If you work hard at it, you are going to uncover this solution and things will eventually go back to normal. However, if you choose to hide from the problem, how are you ever going to solve it?

  1. Giving Up

Giving up is another one of the habits that will ultimately destroy your life. Success often depends on persistence in the pursuit of one’s goals and dreams. Instead of giving up, therefore, learn how to conquer every doubt and misgiving you might have.

All successful people have their own unique perseverance story to inspire you. Seek them out and find inspiration on the need to fight through thick and thin until your dreams come true. In the process, you will learn a valuable lesson that could protect your life, and the heritage/legacy you will leave behind for future generations to follow.

  1. Spending

Most people today – young and old, rich and poor – destroy their lives by spending their money instead of investing it. This habit puts them in precarious situations and in a dangerous position should any emergency problem befall them.

To ensure this does not happen to you, cut down on your spend and start investing the money you save. Put more money away in the bank, adopt a lifestyle way below your means, be thrifty and cut costs as much as humanly possible.

Find affordable alternatives, eat in more often, and don’t throw all your money to alcohol or a flashy lifestyle. Remember, at the age of 90, when you are old, tired, and weak, you will need your bank to be full to sustain your very life. Therefore, invest your money to make this possible.

Concluding Thoughts

Over and above everything else, you can become successful, dazzling beautiful, happy, and incredibly fulfilled. However, for any of these to come true, you have to break certain habits out of your life. Start with the above, and slowly drift towards your true purpose in life.


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