What are the Best Tattoo Inks?

Dedication, nostalgia, aesthetics, religion, to correct defects – these are just some of the reasons people get tattoos. As a result, tattooists must discern these reasons and get the best ink to be able to create the perfect art. The best way to do this is by understanding the companies and brands making the best tattoo inks.

Top 8 Most Popular Tattoo Ink Brands

What are the best tattoo inks? Which brands produce high-quality inks for tattooists? Consider the following:

  1. Alla Prima Ink

Fully based on color, All Prima Ink has a wide variety of tones and shades. The inks, which the company blends from powder particles and fluid, tend to have larger particles – making them ideal for tattooing.

  1. Arcane Tattoo Inks

The line of Arcane tattoo inks comes with the same benefits as Alla Prima inks. Tattooists prefer Arcane when it comes to acrylics and sheltered shades. What is more, these inks are dissolved to break down the powder particles into a unique blend that’s hard to come across on the ink marketplace.

  1. Skin Candy Tattoo Supply

Having been in existence for the past 20+ years, Skin Candy fabricates most of its ink in their Burbank, CA workshop. The line of inks it produces is so dynamic that any tattooist, irrespective of their leanings, will be able to find the perfect tones and shades.

  1. Element Color Corporation

Element Color Corporation has been manufacturing tattoo inks since 1990. Today, the quality of their colors is so intense that tattooists have to add white color to tone down the hues. The manufacturer also recommends that you add yellow to the mix if you wish to reduce the tan effect of your tattoos.

That said, the inks are professionally crafted, meaning that they are absorbed by the skin easily and quickly.

  1. Rhapsody Tattoo Ink

Coming out of Texas, Rhapsody inks are brilliant, unadulterated, and enviable. The shades are typically made using a mixture of safe colors, distilled water, and a bit of alcohol.

  1. Formula 51 Ink

The brainchild of Chris 51 and Joshua South, Formula 51 was developed with the specific goal of delivering the high-quality tattooists and clients alike expect.

  1. Intenze Tattoo Ink

Intenze, on the other hand, combines creativity and clever engineering to come up with the perfect inks. These tattoo inks are designed to suit special requests – meaning that tattooist can get in touch with the company to get the hue they (or their clients) need.

  1. Kuro Sami Tattoo Ink

Another one of the leading brands in the tattoo ink industry, Kuro Sari is highly secretive about their recipes. The company has a tradition of passing down ancient recipes through generations of Japanese tattooists, making for a wholesome experience when the inks hit the market.

5 Tips for Buying Tattoo Ink

To further answer the “what are the best tattoo inks?” question, you also need to know how to get the perfect inks for your craft. Use the tips listed below to help you make the right decision every single time:

  • Only buy from reputable manufacturers
  • Research the ingredients and the process used to manufacture the inks
  • Always get the highest quality inks you can find
  • As far as possible, ensure you use safe and durable colors

  • Invest in sets of tattoo kits and inks

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, finding the right tattoo inks shouldn’t be hard. As long as you know the major players in the tattoo ink manufacture industry and you understand the essential features to look for, you should be able to score high-quality ink every single time.


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