15 Signs You Own a Business in Florida

Summer is instilled deep inside you. The sun energizes you and gives you yet another reason to get up early to go grind. Your customers are both fun to talk to and serve. These are just a couple of the signs that you were cut out to own and run a business in Florida.

That said, the business of running your company isn’t easy. However, the rich entrepreneurial culture in Florida is something you feel proud to have adopted. It runs deep in the bones, you see?

So, here’s to the millions of business owners in Florida – and the perfectly unexpected happenings that you undergo in your daily life, which add up to create the dream life you currently have. Here are the top 15 signs you own a business in Florida:

  1. Dress Code

Business casual is different for you. The Florida casual dress code has evolved over and beyond the culture of quirky, globalized startups. You define how the world dresses – at least the forward-thinking part of the globe.

Unlike Wall Street executives in their stuffy suits, you closet features graphic tees and flip-flops. However, that’s not to say that you’re cheap. After all, Mack Zuckerberg allegedly forks out as much as $2,000 for cashmere hoodies.

  1. Towels

That said, you have invested seriously in the towels you end up bringing to the beach for relaxation purposes after hours. If you don’t already have a circle-shaped one, you are out on the prowl for something priced under $100.

  1. Crowds

You have no qualms with the beach being packed or not. A beach, for you, is exactly that – a beach. You even have a personalized playlist specifically dedicated for the beach – because, you know, who wants to be in the sham and drudgery when you have more interesting, inspiring things to hear?

  1. Sharing

More specifically, the sharing economy gives you good and bad chills. While online platforms and apps like Airbnb and Uber continue competing with other similar small businesses, you know that you can still leverage on this economy to reduce your operating costs.

You even go a step further and use PostMates for shipments, TaskRabbit for finding new hires, Kickstarter for crowdfunding, and (best of all) Funding Circle to raise capital for your business.

  1. Tans

Getting a tan not only energizes you, it is also a part of who you truly are. Nothing positively rocks your boat – both literally and figuratively – as wearing one on your day to day business.

  1. Marketing

You are a master when it comes to your target market. In particular, you have learned how to sell to college-age customers. College towns exist around vibrant entertainment venues, retailers, bookstores, and cafes.

As the owner of any or several of these businesses, you have learned how to tap into the incredibly lucrative spending power of college students. With more than 100 universities and colleges in Florida, you have a rich diversity to pick from.

 What is more, most of your target clientele are conscientious, young, and love shopping locally. As a small business, you have gained incredible mileage from providing products and services these students need.

  1. Food Truck

At one point or another, you’ve seriously considered getting your food truck. Perhaps, you even run a food truck. With Florida being the epicenter of the food truck renaissance – and Californian metropole breaking smack into the top 25 food trucks per capita according to the Business Insider – it wouldn’t really come as a surprise that food trucks (for you) are an excellent way to add some income to your net worth.

  1. Keeping Up

You’re always ahead of every new trend. You are aware of what’s popping and what’s not. You know and understand the community you work in, basic marketing requirements, and the technology that cuts it for you.

For instance, if you sell remotely, you are still able to run a credit card right through your smartphone. Therefore, your business survival depends on your ability to tap into every single thing going on in the industry you serve.

  1. Employment Laws

With increasing legislation and lawsuits, you will never dare to err on the wrong side of the law where employment is concerned. You know that the law protects local employees and you already have outside counsel or an in-house legal team to ensure that your company is always in compliance with Florida employment laws.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is life for you; so much so that you’d attempted it at least once during a lunch break. Long before the world discovered the Downward Facing Dog, you had already started on Chaturangas.

Why? Because you understand that exercise increases productivity while cutting back on stress.

  1. Traffic

Staying in traffic is part and parcel of your daily routine. You’ve spent most of your time on it – especially when the rains come. If you live in Contra Costa or Riverside, then traffic is normal for you.

  1. Ice Coffee

You drink iced coffee religiously – but never from Dunkin’ Donuts. A recent survey of small businesses by Funding Circle found that 49% of small business owners take in 2 or more coffees a day.

With our iconic sunny weather, the caffeine you order is almost always on the rocks. After all, who wants to be sweating and sweltering over a business date? Certainly not you.

  1. Green’s Good

The environment matters greatly to you. As such, you compost and recycle to cut back on your environmental footprint. The law even requires that you institute a responsible recycling program because your business probably generates four cubic yards of solid waste a week (or more).

  1. Startups

Almost everyone you know assumes your business is an actual startup. Just because your company employs fewer than 100 locals, everyone assumes that you must be a startup. The fact that your business is in Florida further compounds the belief that it must be a startup.

However, they just might be wrong!

  1. Excitement

You’re not in it for the money as much as the passion, the opportunity, and the energy your Florida business gives you. As your own boss, you need to motivate yourself. Every. Single. Second. Daily.

And that, fellow Florida business owner, is why you are typically excited by what you do.

If you know any other small business owner in Florida, please share this list with them now.


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