The Best Long Hairstyles for Men

A head full of hair is a sign of great genes and good health, so why should you hide such a treasure from the world? Not only do long locks look sexy and non-trivial, they also render a certain je ne sais quoi if well taken care of.

With so many long hairstyle varieties for men, finding the right one shouldn’t be hard. Use the information below to get some inspiration on how to style yours and make it stand out from the rest of the crowd:


Just because you have long curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t work it to fit into your chosen lifestyle.

Styling: For the perfectly long curly hairstyle, wash your head and apply a pea-sized amount of gel on it. Then, let the curls dry up.

Who It’s For: This hairstyle works on every face shape and hair density.

Tips: If you want to look bohemian, add some leave-in conditioner and argan oil to a wet head. Then, twist the curls and let them dry before fluffing the curls into the shape you desire.


Long straight hair works well both for the young and for the mature. With the right styling, you can even make yours distinguished enough to wear to formal business meetings.

Styling: To achieve this style, you should wet your hair and add some pomade in before allowing it to dry.

Who It’s For: The long straight hairstyle works well on all face shapes. However, you’ll need to have thick or medium hair density.

Tips: After air drying your hair, smooth it down with a flat iron.


Long kinky hair works best for anyone who is looking for something carefree and laid back. It is also suitable for black men especially when styled into dreadlocks and afros.

Styling: While your hair is still wet, add some leave-in conditioner from the roots up to the ends. Then, allow your kinks to dry before using a wide-tooth comb through the kinks.

Who It’s For: Long kinky hairstyles work best for men with curly hair – regardless of the shape of the face.

Tips: Although you can style it yourself, you might want to check in with a professional hairdresser who has experience working with kinky hair.


If you’re into surfing and outdoorsy sports, then the long coiled hairstyle will look good on you.

Styling: For this hairstyle, you should add texturizing spray to your wet hair going from the roots up to the tips. Then, crumple out all excess moisture before air-drying your hair.

Who It’s For: Long coiled hair works on all face shapes. Although it looks best for men with naturally curly hair, you can also achieve the same tousled and slicked back style by working a couple of waves into your straight hair.

Tips: While attempting the long coiled look, ensure that your hair stays out of your face and eyes. Alternatively, add some wavy volume to gain some gravitas.


Nothing defines your style more than the way you choose to wear your hair. Use the inspiration above to find the perfect long hairstyle for you.



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