Top 5 Marriage Intensive Retreats in Indiana

If you have been having a difficult time in your marriage, you might want to consider checking into a marriage counseling retreat. Luckily, Indiana residents have a wide selection of these retreats to choose from.

To help you choose right, here is a short guide to the best marriage counseling retreats in Indiana (numbered chronologically from 1 through to 5):

  1. Relationship Rescue Academy

Location – Kokomo, Indiana

Website –

A leading marriage counseling retreat, Relationship Rescue Academy helps couples going through extreme marital problems brought about by addiction, unfaithfulness, and a variety of other factors.

The program is particularly hailed by former and current customers, which is why it is one of the best – not only in Indiana but also in the neighboring states. However, Indiana residents have a better go at it because they don’t have to travel too far to enjoy the attentive, one on one therapy that this service provides.

The Academy, as it is commonly referred to as, focuses on 2, 3, and 4 day intensive counseling to improve skills and offer renewed hope for couples looking for healing and restoration.

You can also visit the Relationship Rescue Academy over a weekend, during which time you will be encouraged to improve your communication skills, slow down from life, forget the routines of daily activity, and just have fun connecting with your spouse.

The main philosophy at this marriage counseling retreat is that no marriage/relationship is beyond repair. However, the therapists will also focus on activities that are specifically tailored to solve the issues you have in your marriage.

Due to the different programs, the costs range as follows:

– 2 days: $2,800

– 3 days: $3,800

– 4 day: $4,800

The costs listed above cover materials, pre-consultation teleconferencing, and lodging.

  1. Couples Therapy, Inc.,

Location – Indianapolis, Indiana

Website –

Couples Therapy INC bases its methods on Dr. John Gottman’s teachings. It also provides couples with counseling on how to deal with each other and, in the process, build a better marriage.

The Gottman method makes Couples Therapy INC one of the best marriage counseling retreats in Indiana primarily because it is science-based and backed by years of veritable research. It is for this reason that this facility has been so successful with the millions of couples who have passed through it.

When you attend this retreat, you will benefit from the weekend-long intensive counseling that counts on traditional therapy experience. Additionally, you might be pleased to learn that the retreats are private and you will get to sit one-on-one with the trained therapists to solve all your marital issues.

The cost for attending range from $2,250 to $4,850 and what you pay will depend on how long you will stay, the intensity of the therapy, and the gravity of the problems plaguing your relationship.

Some of the issues you can discuss and tackle at Couples Therapy INC include:

– Bitterness

– Chronic fighting

– Coldness

– Communication problems

– Distance

– Divorce

– Emotional affairs

– Pornography

– Sexual addiction

– Sexual affairs

– Sexual problems

  1. Smithey Counseling Services

Location – Greenwood, Indiana

Website –

Run by a certified Gottman therapist (Dr. Adam Smithey), Smithey Counseling Services is another one of the leading marriage counseling retreats in Indiana. The good doctor will provide you (and your spouse) a 2-day retreat weekend that covers the following:

– An entire weekend with the doctor

– Home-based sessions for added convenience and privacy

– Immersive couple therapy

– In person assessments

– Industry leading assessments

– One-on-one counseling sessions

– Maintenance therapy package for a two-year period (optional)

This means that you will benefit from close to 720 minutes of intensive therapy, during which Dr. Adam will help you and your spouse focus on a future filled with peace, togetherness, and relative happiness.

The cost of attending this retreat is $2,250 although there are other options. For instance, you can also opt for the two and a half day, 3 day, and 3 to 5 day packages – which will all depend on the seriousness of the issues that you have been facing in your marriage.

  1. The Ravines Retreat Center

Location – Dyer, Indiana

Website –

A Christian marriage counseling experience, Ravines Retreat Center covers 4 days of couples working closely with trained counselors. The Center uses a Christ-centric approach to marriage counseling, which is provided in private.

During the time you will spend at this marriage counseling retreat, you and your spouse will go through 5 separate sessions covering over 3 hours of intensive therapy. However, the evenings and afternoons will be reserved for the homework assignments that you would have been given by your counselor.

The retreat also covers snacks, coffee, and all meals – as well as private suites complete with bathrooms, living room areas, and bedrooms. The Center, however, only accommodates 2 couples at any given time and no two couples work together.

The cost for attending is set at $3,250 although there is an option for flexible payment plans and financial aid scholarships.

  1. Center for Thriving Relationships

Location – Bloomington, Indiana

Website –

Run by Christine and Bret Eartheart, the Center for Thriving Relationships is among the best marriage counseling retreats in Indiana. This relationship center is designed for couples in distress – particularly those who are thinking of giving up on their marriage or leaving their spouse. It also caters to partners who have lost trust in each other.

To salvage marriages, the Center uses proper communication techniques and skill building tactics, and caters to all sexual orientations. There’s even a Save Your Relationship package that will provide you with 8 hours of intensive counseling with either Christine or Bret.

The cost for attending this retreat is $350, making it the most affordable of all the best marriage counseling retreats in Indiana. However, you will be counseled in group settings and not get the one-on-one counseling you would have received at any of the other retreats.


So, there you have it – the best marriage counseling retreats in Indiana. These centers are all designed to help struggling couples restore the love in their relationship, save their marriages, and find resolutions to the problems they are facing. Give one of them a try and watch as they transform your life for the better.


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