THE HUMAN COMMONWEALTH: Progress from Conception to Actualization

In his natural state, man is antisocial and disordered,
Falling into anarchy, brutality, conspicuous consumption,
Life, health, and wealth ruefully plundered –
Without any hope for redemption.

In seclusion, on he poorly fairs,
Feigning happiness where none exists,
Living, as it were, on antiquated fares –
Withering from the rudimentary tools he enlists.

In time, society forms law and order,
Forever binding man to man, neighbors alike,
Liberating those who’d act as fodder –
Were they from this social structure to take a hike.

The congruence of civilization soon breeds rot,
Degradation, and the violation of natural law,
Man against man, Earth up in a knot –
Vile competition for resources, destruction at the core.

Then, virtue denied space, hope completely vanquished,
Measly, poor, nasty, brutish, and short life becomes,
Death beacons to all, both lowly and distinguished –
Torrential bloodshed, earth yearns for prior calms.

Injurious infringement on humanity’s inalienable rights,
Fosters discontent, malice, and environmental degradation,
Letting lose hedonistic fights –
World disintegrates, nation against nation.

Innocuously, a small movement takes shape,
Formed by malcontents of the powers that be,
Liberators, forward thinkers, adorning that philosophical cape –
With one goal: a cleaner, safer, ordered earth see.

In these steps, collective action does arise,
Forced by the ravages of enmity, order is restored,
Leftists, right wings, all human excellence advise –
Wins: hope found, man protected, nature conserved, peace bestowed.

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Torrential discussion of days long forgot,

Presidential dispensation of donning lingering fears,

Inconsequential explanation of done laws deport –

Unethical exposition of dons leaning gears.


Orders, arguments – public humiliation,

Ponders, meanders through murky waters,

Hovers, covers at the Red Jubilation –

Doctors, medics all too professional yet falters.


Congressionally debates the powers that be,

Official opinions of lout lies,

Substantial exploitation of labour we see –

Especial attention the tawdry way SHE dies.


Deadlocks, horns lock – politic and medic,

A stealer, a healer engrossed publicly,

Monthly they linger engaged a-la-relic –

A hero emerges thwarting stately rot diabolically.



Plant, water, sun, shade,
Trial in green fingery,
Glee at this good glade –
Sweet, beautiful greenery.

Bloom of the season,
Twin pots of orchid,
Surpass all reason –
Nature’s very need.

Inspire joy, coy, and light,
Life’s flowery path,
Heavenly bliss, if you might –
Watch this earthly birth.

Elegance in simplicity,
That much you’ll appreciate,
Potted plants, pretty duplicity –
Do bright life initiate.

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