5 Habits That Will Destroy Your Life

Most people doing certain things that make them unhappy, unfulfilled, irritable, and easily broken. This is because the daily habits you adopt will eventually define who you are as a person, as well as the lifestyle you lead.

Practically speaking, everyone is comprised of what they do. As Winston Churchill once remarked, success is never final nor is failure fatal. What counts, rather, is the courage and fortitude to continue.

In the same way, life will bring a number of low points and defeats. This means that failure is just something everyone in the world needs to learn how to deal with. The problems you encounter, therefore, will either make you stronger and more successful, or they will weaken your spirit and turn you into a total failure.

If you recently failed and feel tempted to give up, fight that urge. Although there are obstacles to overcome, we have a handy guide that you can use to break those bad habits that threaten to destroy your life.

Remember, life will always present a way out for every problem you encounter. The daily habits you have formed, to this end, can either turn you into a victim to life or a victor of it.

Eradicate the following poor habits in your life and watch as you start growing, thriving, overcoming, and succeeding in ways you never thought possible:

  1. Negative Thinking

Most people destroy their lives by allowing outside circumstances to determine their actions and their level of happiness. This leeway you provide will prove destructive especially with regards to embracing negative thoughts instead of their positive counterparts.

Negative thinking actually reflects a deep-seated lack of confidence in yourself. You also fail to trust that everything is working towards your good in the greater scheme of life. As a direct result, your appreciation and enjoyment of all the excellent aspects, people, and situations that life has tossed to you will get distorted. You will also start feeling like a victim on the journey to an ultimately unhappy and sad existence.

Thoughts, however, do not just happen. They are created in our brains when we think about there. This means that you have the power to direct your thoughts – either towards the negative or the positive.

When anything upsetting happens, you should focus on adopting positive thoughts to fight off your natural tendency towards ill feeling and negativity. Instead of whining about just how bad the situation is, make all attempts to think thoughts that force you to see things from a positive angle.

Shifting your thoughts from negativity to hopeful positivity will eventually help you attract positive things in to your life. Remember, to bounce back from negative experiences will typically have you shifting your thought processes to things that actually make you feel a little better. Practice this tactic enough times and you will build up and develop your ideal life, instead of destroying it.

  1. Inability to Forgive

An inability to forgive will also contribute towards the destruction of your life – both literally and figuratively. A good example of this would be when two business partners disagree when one errs. The inability of one to forgive the other will eventually lead them to break up the company into two smaller agencies. This will split the company’s overall income, alienate some customers, and reduce their individual abilities to serve the market as well as they used to. At the end of it all, larger companies might end up gobbling both up, leaving the owners without the original business they used to operate so efficiently until forgiveness became too great a matter to handle.

Often, it is easy to think that you have a right to be bitter and angry at people because they deserve it. These thoughts emanate from our focus on what the other person/people did to us – hurt us, cheated on us, stressed us out, or gave us pain.

The result from this line of thinking is that you store up bitterness and an inability to forgive.  However, bitterness, resentment and failure to forgive do not hurt your intended victim. They will eventually hurt you and your life.

Bitterness needs to be fed with time and reason. The next time, you will start taking time and reason out of your family or work just so that you can feed this bitterness and resentment.

The black hole of unforgiveness will suck the life right out you. Instead of generating protection, it stifles your brain and heart – knocking out love, grace, and the spirit of reconciliation. At some point, you will be required to either kill the bitterness or end your relationship with the person who caused you some harm or other. Here, you’ll choose to leave the person, further destroying your life.

  1. Hiding from Problems

Another terrible habit that you can adopt is hiding from your problems. Most people do this using social media, alcohol, and friends thinking that their problems will just dissipate into the air.

Being hooked to technology will distract your mind from the real issues going on in your life. If you fail to talk about what you are going through and find a solution to your problems, nothing will ever change. Rather, you will continue digging yourself deeper into that cesspool the problems will most likely create.

Social media networks, in particular, will eventually destroy your life unless you know how to use them for some form of good – such as marketing your business or connecting with friends from school.  When overused, these networks will harm your productivity and distract you from the problems you are going through.

To ensure that this does not happen, always learn how to log out of anything that might prevent you from dealing with a problem. Lost a loved one? Grieve, think about them, mourn them, and continue with life knowing that death is all too natural. Lost a job? Instead of drowning your sorrow with alcohol, focus your energies on finding the next one or starting a new business.

There is always a solution for every problem life throws in your face. If you work hard at it, you are going to uncover this solution and things will eventually go back to normal. However, if you choose to hide from the problem, how are you ever going to solve it?

  1. Giving Up

Giving up is another one of the habits that will ultimately destroy your life. Success often depends on persistence in the pursuit of one’s goals and dreams. Instead of giving up, therefore, learn how to conquer every doubt and misgiving you might have.

All successful people have their own unique perseverance story to inspire you. Seek them out and find inspiration on the need to fight through thick and thin until your dreams come true. In the process, you will learn a valuable lesson that could protect your life, and the heritage/legacy you will leave behind for future generations to follow.

  1. Spending

Most people today – young and old, rich and poor – destroy their lives by spending their money instead of investing it. This habit puts them in precarious situations and in a dangerous position should any emergency problem befall them.

To ensure this does not happen to you, cut down on your spend and start investing the money you save. Put more money away in the bank, adopt a lifestyle way below your means, be thrifty and cut costs as much as humanly possible.

Find affordable alternatives, eat in more often, and don’t throw all your money to alcohol or a flashy lifestyle. Remember, at the age of 90, when you are old, tired, and weak, you will need your bank to be full to sustain your very life. Therefore, invest your money to make this possible.

Concluding Thoughts

Over and above everything else, you can become successful, dazzling beautiful, happy, and incredibly fulfilled. However, for any of these to come true, you have to break certain habits out of your life. Start with the above, and slowly drift towards your true purpose in life.

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3 Ways to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

If you constantly find yourself thinking negatively, chances are that your life isn’t quite panning out the way you envisioned. Negative people, the distractions of daily routine, and a number of other external brain drainers will leave you feeling helpless, negative, and hopeless. This is why you need to learn how to train your brain to stay positive even in the light of the greatest adversity imaginable.

In the current society, we are constantly bombarded by negative news. We see scary stories on the news, murders on television, and the general feeling that the world is completely upside down. As a direct result, it is far easier to think negatively than it is to maintain a sunny outlook on the greater scheme of things.

Fortunately, you are not doomed by a natural disposition towards these negative thoughts. With the right advice, skills, and training, you should be able to break out of your atypically negative loop. By so doing, you will get to rewire your brain to start thinking more positively.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of tips to help you train your brain to remain positive even in the most negative of situations:

  1. Practice Gratitude

The first step towards retraining your brain towards positivity will have you cultivating an attitude of great gratitude. You ought to be doing everything in your power to contemplate on those aspects of life that you are actually grateful for if this strategy is to work.

Scientific research from the University of California, Davis actually discovered that those who work hard at cultivating this attitude and practicing gratitude eventually ended up experiencing greater life energy, improved moods, and substantially less anxiety. This arises from the fact that remaining grateful reduces cortisol, the stress hormone in the brain, by 23%.

  1. Identify Positivity

When you snap your brain out of negative, self-defeating thoughts, you will be better placed to retrain your brain until it automatically starts focusing on the positive aspects about life.

However, you first have to give your originally-wondering brain a dose of help in the process. Start by consciously selecting something extremely positive and wonderful to think about.

At this point, just about any positive thought imaginable will help you refocus your brain’s attention. When things are going according to plan and your mood is in a grand place, this is easy to achieve. Not so when the outlook is bad and your brain is filled with negativity.

In the toughest of circumstances, therefore, identify at least one positive thing that has happened in the recent past – irrespective of how small this might be. The point of this exercise is to be able to shift your full attention to something positive whenever your brain starts drifting towards the negative.

The positive thoughts you identify should be your focal point until you feel well enough to face the challenge you just encountered. Allowing yourself to enjoy positive thoughts freely will help you learn how to train your brain in that line.

  1. Fact vs Fiction

Perhaps one of the most important of the tactics you can use to learn how to think positively revolves around halting negativity right in its tracks. Ruminating on negative thoughts will only add to their power and influence in your life.

Considering how the Law of Attraction works, you can be sure that negative thoughts will attract negative things, situations, relationships, and outcomes into your life. Therefore, you need to know when to switch from these thoughts to something more positive.

Whenever you find yourself thinking about pessimistic and negative things, train your inner voice to force you to stop. After taking a step back from these negatives, your brain will slow down and you’ll be better placed to think rationally and positively.

Remember, however, that the brain has a natural tendency towards threat. As such, it tends to inflate the perceived severity or frequency of any given event. By identifying your thoughts and labeling them as just that – thoughts – will separate them from actual fact. This outlook will prove powerful when you need to automatically escape from the cycle of ugly negativity and adopt a positive outlook.

Additional Tips

There are tons of other tips and tricks you can use to steer your brain towards positive thoughts especially when you faced by the challenges that life tends to through our way. All of these tips are effective, particularly after you practice them regular enough that they naturally become a part of who you are and how you think.

Consider the following additional strategies to help you replace negativity with positivity every time this is required:

– Spend your time with supportive people

– Always have a mantra to live by each day

– Disregard every negative thoughts that wafts its way into your brain

– Take the time to do small acts of kinds for others

– Focus on eating, drinking, and sleeping well for optimal brain functioning

– Work towards improving your inner healing and wellness

– Always remain grateful irrespective of the situation you are in

– Critically observe your thoughts, particularly by practicing yoga and meditation

– Stay active throughout the day

– Center your life on your aims, goals, and purposes

– Train your subconscious mind to ALWAYS think positively

– Transform every negative you encounter into a positive

– Follow your passion instead of focusing on the money

Concluding Thoughts

The tips provided above might sound primal and incredibly basic. However, after you practice them enough time and they become a part of your natural personality, you will start understanding just how tremendous their power truly is.

Repeating the strategies outlined in this guide will always train your brain to automatically switch to the positive and to focus on the good. Additionally, it will break your old negative habits after you force yourself to follow the advice we’ve outlined here.

In conclusion, although the mind has a natural tendency to drift towards the easiest thing to do (in this case, negative thoughts), you can train it. Forcing yourself to focus on the positive, even in the most negative of situations, will eventually become second nature.

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Effectiveness of Liquid Magnesium: Capsules vs Topical Application

Topical magnesium is used to deliver minerals through the skin and to the body. Although it might seem new and mysterious, it based on both cutting-edge science and age-old principles.

Studies on Topical Magnesium Intake

Research documented on the effectiveness of liquid magnesium show varied results. More particularly, science has proved that liquid magnesium, when applied topically, leads to an improvement in blood chemistry.

A study conducted at the University of Birmingham showed that 1% of liquid magnesium in a warm bath led to immediate uptake as well as an increase in the serum levels of the mineral in participants.

Another Polish study carried out to address the contentious issue of ion diffusion through the skin. Through ion chromatography, the researchers involved were able to demonstrate in vitro that magnesium, a metal cation, does diffuse well through the human skin.

Absorption of Liquid Magnesium

Whether applied topically or through capsules, liquid magnesium is easily absorbed by the body. Medicines enter the body in different ways, and are absorbed by traveling from the administration site and into the main circulation system.

The biggest hurdle to any drug occurs during the absorption stage. Those taken orally in the form of capsules are shuttled through special blood vessels connecting the liver and the digestive tract. A large amount of these medications ends up getting destroyed by the body’s metabolic enzymes during the first pass effect stage.

Other drug administration methods bypass the liver. Instead, they permeate the bloodstream directly through or from the lungs and/or the skin. Studies show that these are more effective, meaning that topical applications of liquid magnesium should be the preferred mode of absorption.

Anyway, even with topical applications, the surface area, the time during which the chemical is on the skin, and the concentration of the liquid magnesium applied all have a bearing on the rate of absorption into the bloodstream. This means that an increase in the concentration leads to a simultaneous increase in the total amount of magnesium absorbed into the body through the skin.

Similarly, the skin’s physical condition is another significant variable to consider when the topical administration of liquid magnesium is opted for. The skin of a child or an infant, to this end, is more permeable than that of an adult.

In the same way, the skin over certain organs is more permeable than over others. In increasing order, these organs include the legs, the arms, the trunk, the neck and the head, and the genitals.

Benefits and Effectiveness of Liquid Magnesium

An essential mineral, magnesium plays a variety of crucial roles in improving the health of the partakers. Supplementing your diet with magnesium taken orally or applied topically, therefore, will compensate for those times you do not get enough magnesium from your foods. By so doing, you will be able to stave off an unhealthy deficiency.

According to Consumer Reports, liquid magnesium is easier to swallow or apply topically in comparison to that taken as capsules or magnesium tablets. By so doing, you should be able to enjoy the following benefits:

Functions of Magnesium in the Body

Topical application of liquid magnesium will maintain healthy levels of the mineral in the body. This will eventually prove essential for overall good health since magnesium plays several important roles in the body.

Apart from aiding the metabolism of nutrients such as carbs and fats and their conversion to energy, liquid magnesium is also used in the creation of DNA. The mineral is useful because it improves cell communication, regulates the release of the parathyroid hormone, and controls ion support for proper nerve, muscle, and heart function.

Other benefits of taking liquid magnesium topically include:

a) Improved Bone Health

The bones contain hydroxypatite, a mineral complex that makes them resistant to damage and hard. Alongside phosphate and calcium, magnesium is the other main component of this complex.

Taking liquid magnesium improve the density of this bone mineral, enables the body fight osteoporosis, and ensures good bone health overall.

b) Reduced Depression

Magnesium supplements like liquid magnesium are useful for persons with depression. A scientific review paper published in Medical Hypotheses in 2010 shows that failure to take in enough of the mineral through one’s diet leads to or worsens depression. When the mineral travels up to the brain, it increases the level of serotonin – a feel good chemical that promotes proper mental health and reduces chances of being depressed.

Both human and animal studies have time and time again found that the topical application of liquid magnesium relieves depression – including particular cases that have resisted other treatments.

Topical Application vs Capsules

From the paragraphs above, it is clear that liquid magnesium is highly beneficial for proper health. Most consumers, however, are faced with the dilemma of having to make a choice between capsules and the topical application of this supplement.

A small, albeit steadily growing, body of research shows that transdermal supplements (liquid magnesium sprays) applied to the skin work infinitely better than capsules and oral supplements.

Dr. Dendy Engelman, a certified dermatologist, has even proved that the mineral is more effectively absorbed into the body through direct contact with the skin. He reports that topical magnesium additionally keeps the skin flexible and hydrated.

According to Joshua Zeichner, a certified dermatologist, adds that magnesium studied in the lab was found to be effective in break apart different oils and fats. This perhaps explains its unique benefit in the reduction of skin oiliness. The dermatologist also reports that liquid magnesium is effective in improving sleep quality and alleviating anxiety. Therefore, from his research, it is reasonably-believable that magnesium improves such skin disorders as rosacea and acne.

Apart from proving beneficial for overall skin health, liquid magnesium that is applied topically leads to greater protein synthesis, detoxification, and energy production in the body. It keeps the heart beating normally and the nervous system and muscles working properly. Additionally, it promotes a healthy immune system, all the while maintaining strong, healthy teeth and bones, as well as regulating the levels of sugar in the bloodstream.

Concluding Thoughts

Transdermal or topical applications of liquid magnesium are the best option. Although magnesium absorbed orally in the form of capsules is also effective, it is not quite as effective as that applied topically. This happens to be the case on account of the fact that when the mineral is applied on the skin, it is easily absorbed and taken up by cells thereby bypassing the digestive system.

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