missed call.jpg

What is love? A feeling –

a thought, or fresh musing?

Fallacy? What’s the thing?

– A telephone off the hook does ring.


What is happiness? Sweet lie –

a flow of vibrancy to get tie?

Warmth? How to fly?

– That new call does warm or try.


What is hate? How fleeting –

round orb, or tedious thoughtful thing?

Fate? Why the ring?

– A call cut afore words got being.


What is left? New thought –

fresh feels, or pain mechanically brought?

Dreams? Have you got?

– Drift to Eastwood to end this dry drought.

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A thought nags at the back of the mind,
Amongst Eden’s ejected brethren –
Heaven, how can we find?
Stem this life so heathen.

Death’s dark gown hovers,
Tarrying, our souls to pluck –
‘neath these mortal covers
Our Maker to take us back.

Oh folly! So gory!
These assumptions of immortality –
What, pray, glory
Awaits us in eternity?

Hark! All you mortals
This much I can say –
Open are Heavenly Portals
Kneel thither this Easter day.


Sighs of Youth

High rates of unemployment, Shall we look to government? For daily nourishment? For jobs and fiscal refurbishment? Shall government your cry hear? See that there tear? Will Corporates approach near? Or back off in fear? Rise y’all must! O’wise ye be curs’d- into poverty’s crust, with naught to trust. Empower thyself or perish! Employ thyself […]

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